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  • Copyright question

    In Web site content is it usually considered OK to include a quote from a book? While also listing the authur and the book it was taken from? I'd hate to get into hot water with my web content.

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    Unless it's protected, I believe it's ok as long as you cite the source Kevin. Otherwise you may need permission, but I'm not sure how to go about that.


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      Thanks Debbie for your reply. I've never published anything before so this subject has not come up till now. I wish I could come up with profound remarks of my own but since I can' t I'll have to quote someone else.

      I hope this comes out OK, I am using my Handspring Trio 300 cell phone to surf the Web. I'd hate to have to use this all the time but for mobile access it seems OK.


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        Cool. I had no idea this forum would even display on a PDA.
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          Too cool. If I carried around my web surfer, I'd be a hunchback!!


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            Well, like I said I wouldn't want to do all my browsing on the phone but I was surprised I could at all. The home page kind of stopped me for a while since it doesn't link directly to the forums. The slide-out menu wont display but when I put in the url of the forums I was able to make it work. The icon links just show the hyperlink but are functional. Right now I am using the Eudora browser and e-mail software. Kind of neat.


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              Hi Kevin - Cool toy!

              I had the same problem with the menu in an older copy of opera, but found that that half way down the home page is a site map
              06/21/02 -- A new tutorial, two new reviews, and three new Challenges: Restoration, Retouching, and Photo-Art. Plus we've added a new feature: a site-map

              That gets you all over the site in hyperlinks rather than the menu bar

              Hope this helps your 'on the street' browsing of Retouch Pro