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  • Copyright Symbol in Text

    Hi Everyone ..

    I have a text layer in a photo in which I want to put the copyright symbol (circle with "c" in it) ..

    My text is "arial" but I don't know how I get the symbol ...?

    Thanks in adavance ...

    Gary W.

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    The way I do it (there may be an easier way) is to fire up Word or equivalent word processor, put the © symbol in there (in Word, the default AutoCorrect settings turn (c) into ©, or you can get it via Insert -> Symbol), copy and paste it into my text layer. Not necessarily elegant, but it works...


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      Or try holding down the Alt (or Option) key and typing "0169" (without the quotes).
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        Windows also has a little known tool called Character Map, (if you don't find it in your Program Menu's under "Accessories/System Tools/Character Map, the file can be found here: c:\windows\system32\charmap.exe).

        Anyhow, you can select any of your installed Fonts on your computer and look at ALL the characters available. It also has a Copy feature built it as well as giving you the "key character" combinations (as per Doug's post Alt 0169 for the copywrite symbol).

        Most characters like that have the same key combination from font to font.

        Makes it easier, plus there are some fonts that don't have ALL the characters you need/want.

        Good luck.