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    I've noticed that most restoration websites post information about the examples they post, describing the work requested, and work done. I don't do that on mine, and I'm wondering if I should.
    What are your opinions on this? (Why do it? What's the value? Who is it for?)

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    I get a lot of comments about my little descriptions from my website. I feel it indicates the degree of care and affection one has for these old images. It also adds the "personal touch", helping alleviate the sense of dealing with some unknown quantity.
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      In my opinion it would provide you a means of explaining to a customer visiting your web site, what other customers have wanted in reference to restoration of old photographs and what you had to do to complete the restoration. I look at it as some thing you would do if they were physicially at your studio requesting information about getting a photograph restored. Since they are making the contact by visiting your web site, and you cannot meet with them personally, this would help accomplish the same thing.

      I have visited your web site and it is excellent, I especially like the work you did in the photo to art section.



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        I think it also gives the customer a better idea of the procedures involved in the digital restoration process which makes the prices more understandable. I also think it peaks their interest to read little summaries of each example especially if they are intriqued with the before and after differences. The best way is to keep them short but to the point because people don't usually read long drawn out descriptions but short ones will catch their eye and curious nature.


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          Thanks, everyone, for your input.

          George, thanks! Photos to art is my favorite Photoshop playtime.


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