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    I've been rather happy with my success in getting minor jobs, but I'm starting to get more interested in actually taking photos and making something abstract from everyday items.

    I've had a little photography experience many moons ago when I was working as a "light boy" for a friend who worked with models. (insert joke/story/pun/playboy story here)

    Knowing that Photography can be an expensive hobby and knowing very little about taking physical pictures, I've considered taking a job at a local photography shop as a stock boy or something (read: slave) and coming up where I can learn something and be helpful for the owner.

    Do you think I'm taking the right path or does anyone have any suggestions.

    Thanks all, I await for ya'lls two cents.


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    It's hard to know just where you are on the learning curve. I would recommend getting a book or video (possibly from a library) by the author Dean Collins. Since you have had experience with lighting you might not *need* something like this, but IMHO Dean is a master of lighting techniques. He can control light with "found" items around the house (read cheaply). Even if you know the basics of lighting, Dean's work will probably prove to be beneficial to you. He will take you from studio lighting to outdoor lighting. He also had regular articles in "Peterson's Photographic" magazine starting sometime in the 1970's I think. If you can find some of the old magazines at a garage sale or something, they're worth picking up.

    Also, what type of camera will you be using? It would be very helpful to understand how shutter speeds work in conjunction with apertures. It is not really difficult. There are many books available by Kodak on any subject to do with photography. You might check out their web site also.



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      Well, good suggestions at that.

      Well, granted that I worked as a light boy, and I know the very basics of it, we were doing fairly unorthodox things and I (as well as the photographer) were constantly getting trashed on the set.

      The pictures turned out great, even got a playboy model to use it on her portfolio. We were in demand.
      but that's another story.

      I'm thinking that perhaps I may need to work in a professional setting and perhaps try to remember things.

      But I will definitely look those things up as I go to the store for an application.



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        Unless your store is specifically involved with 'taking' photographs I'd hunt round town for a studio/jobbing photographer you'll learn more hands on than moving boxes which is what most photo stores are geared to do.


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          You might look at your local community collage. Some of them have both credit and non-credit courses in photography. Once in awhile I hear of camera clubs that can help you along. Or how about bird-dogging some one from a local studio? Any or all of those plus the books and videos you can buy or maybe check out from your local library.
          Good luck, Mike


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            I second Chris's suggestion about seeking work with photographic studios - small or large operations -- they can make use of an assistant to assist with lighting set-ups, carrying equipment on outdoor assignments, etc. where you could gain much more useful experience than in a photo store.

            The community colleges are also worth checking out -- there are classes in my area taught by working photographers as well as knowledgable instructors with previous experience. Combining both strategies could be helpful -- a photographer might be more interested in hiring an assistant who is taking a photography class.


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