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    Hi everyone!

    I didn't see this forum before and I wish I had because I could have done with some feedback before I had them printed and mailed out! However, I'm almost ready to have another batch printed so your opinions are appreciated anyway! I have to say that on my first run I had a really good response. For those of you seriously preparing an ad and want to go the postcard route look into They are the cheapest I've found so far and the quality is wonderful. They include all the info you need to meet the mailing guidelines for USPS and allow uploads to speed up the entire process.

    My audience is a bit different. I'm trying to communicate my services to frame shops, museums, private collectors and individuals alike and my services include not only digital restoration but photograph and paper conservation. The picture is one that required a combination of conservation and digital reastoration. I physically cleaned the image and removed mold and paint from the surface. Once that was complete I scanned the image and digitally reconstructed the missing areas and adjusted the color.

    I've put front and back together and the gray line is the divider. The backside is black only to meet modernpostcard specs and the blank areas are there to meet USPS specs.

    Thanks for looking!!

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    Very nice! Professional, informative but brief enough to insure folks read it, and well done enough to keep it out of the circular file and in a safe place for reference. Do you get much response from your mailings? Tom


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      And how/where do you get your addresses to mail to?

      I like the postcard, btw.
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        Hi again

        Thanks for the positive responses. As for the questions...

        The response has been great so far. I've been told I shouldn't expect more than a 5% response rate and I've already had that within a month of mailing and I know that many places will see the postcard and hold on to them until the need arises so I suspect I will have a higher return rate.

        As for the mailing list. Well that is something I'm always working on. It is a combination of searching the yellow pages for businesses that might use my services, prior clients, lists from various sources and just adding to it as I find names and addresses. It's not an easy process and it is continually on-going but a neccessary part of doing business.

        Thanks again,



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          I like the way you chose a sepia picture and a grayscale because the contrast between the two caught my eye. It was an immediate "story" of some of what you were about.

          Liked it all very much.



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            I think you did very well with it. You have a visual of your work and the Name is listed more than once (considering it was on front and back) I also like the way you broke it up into seperated services and seperated them for easy reading. I think it is very professional looking.


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              That looks great to say the least! Congratulations on getting a good response. That shows that it's working for you. Have you considered handing out magnetic business cards when you see the clients? I've had very good luck with them because people tend to use them, and they don't get lost.



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                That's a pretty good idea. Maybe we need to start a new thread where people can post the names of companies that supply good quality products at a reasonable price (i.e. postcards, magnets and such) that can be printed with logo, address etc. Good experiences and so on. Especially places that are on-line. I'd certainly be interested in that!!!



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                  Or just post their links over in our supplies links section

                  Learn by teaching
                  Take responsibility for learning


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                    I'll do that too!



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