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    Here is a new thread for everyone. After posting my recent postcard in Business Challenge #1 I mentioned where I got my postcards done and I was asked if I've thought about printing magnets as an advertising idea. Which got me thinking there should be a thread for sources of printers, and businesses that sell things like pencils/pens/magnets/clothes etc with logos and/or names and addresses. Especially on-line sources.

    What I'm looking for is the following:

    Place you would personally recommend from experience dealing with them.

    -was product/service/shipping price reasonable
    -is there a set up charge for printing and/or minimum order size
    -overall quality of the service/product
    -rate the customer service/on-line help etc.


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    Modern Postcards

    So here is the first one

    I used Modern Postcards ( to print my postcards. I had 500 printed for $107.00 which included shipping. Came out to 40 cents each I think. That's the cheapest I've found and the quality was great.

    Full color front and black text on back. The on-line help is good. A tadbit confusing so you really have to read through everything. But all the information is on the site and you can save money by setting up the pictures and text in photoshop or the like yourself. They offer a test print for a charge which I didn't do and it still looked great. Uploading to their site is easy and if you pay by credit card you will have your postcards within a week or so.

    I did a lot of reading on the site so I didn't need customer services help so I can't comment on that.

    I HIGHLY recommend them for cheap and great quality. Oh, that four color front is also glossy and very professional looking.

    Before ordering request samples and you might get a suprise discount on your first printing if you meet the deadline. I didn't do it right away and paid regular price.

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      I've done some business with an outfit called Viking office supplies and everything I have purchased from them has been of good quality, with fast service. I noticed they offer Advertising type stuff on pens etc. and the prices seemed pretty reasonable...I think they have a web site but I've never checked it out as they send out catalogues about every 2 weeks, or so it seems, and, once the catalogue is outdated, it makes nice filler for the cat box...Tom


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        I haven't done any business like that online -- strictly local. But I think Debbie has ordered some magnets online. Surely she'll see this thread, and post to it. Good luck in your efforts finding vendors.



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          I didn't get them on line. I got them at a garage sale. Brand new unwrapped and 4 packs of 25 for $2. I wouldn't recommend shopping for supplies that way. Totally unreliable.
          I do shop for my printer supplies online though. is the company I go through and they have been very good in price and service.


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            Sorry Debbie. I thought you got them online. Garage sale magnets wouldn't have been printed though. They are available ready made just like business cards. And they're reasonably priced.