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    I've added Flip Album (cd rom) to my business, both the web site and the physical business. But I've been trying to work out a formula for it. I though that maybe I should charge a fixed price for the albums on a sliding scale depending on the number of photos in the album. Another thought was that maybe I should say something like "the first 10 photos included in the basic price" The reason for this is without a reasonable number of photos a album is not much of an album. Of course any restoration or work on the photos would have to be charged in addition to the basic prices.
    Do any of you have any opinions?

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    I used to shoot weddings, and I used a technique for selling that I picked up at a seminar. It worked very well for me, and I think a takeoff from that might work for you. Give me a little time to think about how it might be incorporated (if at all), and I'll get back to you.



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      Your idea of a sliding scale based on the number of photos in the album is probably the best way to go, both for you and your customer. The few I've put together were priced out on a protocol of : 1-10, 11-20: etc. No "base" price, and any correction/repair/restore extra. No complaints about that structure so far ( very unusual..almost always someone finds something to complain about).....Just my opinion though, so take it with the proverbial grain of salt. Good luck, Tom


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        I told you I would get back to you on this one. I haven't figured out how to incorporate that into your situation. If you want, I'll send you a private message outlining what worked for me, and maybe you can pick up an idea from that. Just say the word.



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