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  • Retouching in Asia

    Hi fello retouchers, I will visiting Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok in May. I would like to meet-up with some professional retouchers, to see how others work half way around the world. I have almost 10 years of retouching experience in the advertising and editorial industry. If anyone's interested in sharing a drink or bite. Please contact me: [email protected]


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  • shumski
    Best retouchers and retouching studios
    by shumski

    I look for portfolios of guru retouchers and best retouching studios. It will be nice if you can provide some links.

    Many thanks!

    Yahor Shumski.
    08-31-2006, 12:22 PM
  • meok
    Working Canadian Retouchers
    by meok
    Hi there
    Any canadian retouchers in the place?
    Theres only 4 that I know who are working in my town (montreal) and I dont know of a single retouching boutique in the whole country.. Are we all freelancers??
    08-23-2007, 09:10 AM
  • twopoint0
    Selling retouching to retouchers
    by twopoint0
    Maybe I'm missing something here, but why are there so many ads in these forums selling retouching services? Isn't that kind of like selling ice to Eskimos?
    Then again, maybe there really are graphic services buyers and creative directors reading these boards. If that's the case, take a look...
    08-31-2009, 01:42 PM
  • 61 Productions
    Professional Retouchers Wanted
    by 61 Productions

    I'm looking for new freelance retouchers to work with our retouching division, SixtyOne Digital.

    SixtyOne is a London based Production, Casting and Management agency which launched in 2007. SixtyOne Digital is our retouching, videography &...
    11-30-2012, 07:23 AM
  • zganie
    by zganie
    I am Really Curious HOW many People actually MAKE a FULLTIME living from

    I Personally think a SMALL percentage actually do
    03-04-2011, 03:13 AM