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  • Marketing Yourself??

    I have finally completed my website for my retouching business I have been in the works to get started. All the business side of things are finally complete. Now I have to start marketing myself and my name out there. However, I have no idea where to begin. I think my work is is pretty good but I have no idea how to get my name out there and get things going. Any help would be appreciated?????

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    Re: Marketing Yourself??

    hi berko1021,

    i won't comment on marketing because i don't market myself, but just a quick comment on your site. i would suggest before/after images. if you are trying to promote retouching, it is helpful for a potential client to see just exactly what you have retouched. just posting photos doesn't showcase your talents.

    also, i'm on a cable connection and your site was a little sluggish for me.

    hope this helps.


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      Re: Marketing Yourself??

      I agree with you 100% percent and that is something my web designer is working on as we speak, In addition he is working on ways to make the website size smaller so it loads quicker, so those two points are being addressed. Thanks for your input.


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        Re: Marketing Yourself??

        Im actually interested in hearing what some of the senior members have to say about this.

        I know a lot of it is word of mouth, but where did some of you start?



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          Re: Marketing Yourself??

          Obviously, you need to get out and become a salesman and market yourself and your talents.

          You are going to need business cards. Have them printed professionally. Don't try to get by with Avery/ink jet printed. You have a very nice color scheme and Logo Font on your web site. Use that (high resolution 300 DPI is what your print shop will need.)

          I would put together a 4 color tri fold brochure featuring the best of your portfolio. Either design and layout yourself (if you have something like InDesign) or let your local printer do it. You can leave these with your business card when you pay sales calls on photographers, photo labs, etc.

          Last, but not least, a nice promotional item like a coffee cup (also done in your PMS color(s) and logo font.) Leave these with perspective clients. (You will need Spot color line art - Illustrator type file. Contact an Ad Specialty or Promotional Products distributor for these). 144 cups in two color may cost you $300 ish.

          These items, combined with your good nature and talent will leave an impression not to be quickly forgotten.

          NETWORK!! Join the local Chamber of Commerce. Go to their mixers, lunchons, etc. take your cards, get a list of members for potential clients. The Chamber will probably let you put your brochures out in their racks as well as your business cards. And be sure to leave a coffee cup for the Executive Director and staff when stop by to join.


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