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Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

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  • Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

    I got offered a job with Quad and Im wondering if anyone here has worked for them? Im giving up a great freelance deal to work fulltime so I would like to know if anyone has an opinion about the place...things I should be aware of etc?? God I'm such a worry wart!!!


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    Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

    Oh boy. Hey, if you have a good thing happening, don't do it. You will only learn to work fast producing mediocrity, and won't make much money. Many managers in that company are only dedicated to their excel sheets and sucking up to the next guy sucking up. You won't matter, unless you want to be like them. And, also, they are beginning to send a lot of their work to India. Not a place to learn and grow, unless you are new to the biz.


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      Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

      Benny, you are wrong on many accounts. Quad is not about mediocrity, the company wins many awards every year for producing the highest quality work in the industry. Clients like National Geographic would not accept anything near mediocrity. They demand the best possible and, when the best possible isn't good enough, they expect us to find a way to do better. Most company managers have risen through the company and know the importance of every employee. Every manager I have worked with at Quad takes care of their employees first and foremost and only secondly worries about what superiors are saying. The manager's job is to make sure the work gets done but also to protect his or her employees from over demanding superiors.

      Finally, your comment about sending work to India simply proves how little you know about Quad. Quad has no core business related employees in India. QuadTech may have some employees in India but only because this relatively small division of the company needs to have employees where the clients are. As for the core printing business, there are no Quad-owned printing plants outside of the United States. There are a few partially owned partnerships in South America and Europe but that is it.

      To Lithodia, Quad is a great place to put your talents to use and grow within a very employee-centric company. You will be pushed hard but you will be pushed to produce top quality work. If you produce, you will have great opportunities for advancement as Quad favors promotion from within the company, rather than hiring management away from other companies.

      I can't personally speak for the NY plant because I don't work there. However, I have worked with people who work there and the corporate culture that I am familiar with from other locations is strongly in place there.

      If you'd have to give up a great job to work at Quad, think long and hard about what you are giving up. However, don't let the hysterics from people like Benny cloud your image of Quad. The company is nothing like the description Benny offers.


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        Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

        Ah, the PR machine makes an appearence. I'm not surprised.

        Lithodia, here's the deal. "imaging", or retouching and prepress, is a loss leader for Quad. By that, I mean that Quad basically gives it away free or very cheaply to clients as a sales tool for the printing buisness, which is where the profit is for that company. So, they go to a client like Conde Nast, and offer them an outrageous deal on retouching for Brides or Vanity Fair, hoping that they will throw the printing of those books their way. So, you figure it out. If they are losing money on a certain operation, they aren't going to pay or respect the employees in that division very much. And what they wind up with is, well, what they get for the low wages and lack of respect. And remember, New York is not their only Imaging site. They have many scattered around the country in low wage areas that are connected by high speed lines that enable work to be done overnight and sent back to a proofer in NYC easily. So you are effectively working next to people who think Wal Mart is an OK place to work. No sick days, minimal vacation, lots of turnover. As I said, great place for a beginning retoucher because of the quantity of work you'll see, and if you apply yourself, you'll get good and fast. But the managers aren't the highest quality people, and are constrained by cost saving constantly. And, oh yeah, you have to wear a uniform.
        And they are definitely beginning the process of sending basic retouching work to India. I know one of the managers who is involved. This is a slow process, I'm sure, but kind of a dismal future for good retouchers in the company, if you think of it.


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          Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

          Unfortunately, Benny has had a negative experience with Quad . . . you'll find many more with a positive experience. I wouldn't have trusted the last 12+ years of my career with Quad if they didn't have something to offer.

          My advice, Lithodia, is to go in and talk with the people from Quad in NYC. Bring up all the topics that Benny mentioned and you'll get the answers you're looking for. Careers need to fit both parties . . . the employer and the employee.

          Wal-Mart? I think not! I'd say the benefits are quite nice and you won't find me turning down employee stock that continues to grow in value while other printers stumble and try desperately to please their stockholders. And try to find a better health plan in the country.

          Only you can decide . . . so check it out. Ask a lot of questions. Might work, might not. But don't let one negative dude change the direction of your life!!!


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            Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

            Well, let me clear up the Wal Mart thing. What I meant was that you will be effectively working next to people on a network out in low wage areas that don't have many choices when looking for work, especially retouching. If they lose they're job at Quad, they might wind up stocking shelves at Wal Mart or Target. And the managers are aware of this, and act accordingly. This is why the company has plants where they are, and the internet is enabling this situation. Next stop, India.

            I find it ironic that a company founded by a man who was so vehemently anti-union can be called employee-centric. JP, get back to me if you or a long time colleague comes down with a cancer and finds out how employee friendly that company is when your mortgage banker starts foreclosure. And I would unload that stock as soon as you can - printing is not a growth industry. But you may find that difficult, since it isn't really stock.....


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              Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

              It seems as though Benny is, for some reason, anti-Quad. I wonder why.

              Yes, our imaging locations are all over the country. In such low wage locations as Anaheim, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Minneapolis, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Anyone who is paying attention to these locations will not see low wage areas. In fact, they will see high wage areas. What they will most definitely see is that the imaging locations are where the clients are. Imaging offices need to be close to clients in order to do the best job possible for the client.

              Regardless of what Benny says, Quad is an incredibly employee focused company. The founder wasn't anti-union. The founder was anti-friction, against friction caused by bitter dealings between corporate big shots and union leaders, neither of whom would give an inch. He saw a better way to be one in which corporate leaders and employees worked together, instead of fighting each other, and all had a stake in the success of the company. As MisterJP pointed out, the benefits are second to none. I can walk into a clinic and, for $5, get any first-level care I need. Same for the dentist and optical offices. I also get close to 10% of my salary in 401k match and profit sharing, this in the day when most companies may match up to 2-3% of your salary in 401k match and make sure all profits are only shared with investors, not employees.

              Just talk with actual employees. As with me, an employee of 7 years, most have nothing to gain or lose by your joining the company other than having another qualified coworker. It won't take long talking to employees and former employees to find out that most, if not all, of Benny's comments are not based in reality.


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                Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

                Wow I really started something here! Well the job I am currently at is freelance, hence unstable. Quad has offered me a good starting salary and since its stable work I will have to take it and see how it goes. I believe I produce quality work, wether it be for web or editorial I put thought into the image and well plain and simple need a study job. Most independent retouching houses offered me only half the pay that Quad is starting me off at, and well to me that means that they must be doing something right!

                For me the most important thing is work environment and the work itself.. I see Benny that you had a bad experience. But on the other hand i do know that they do work for many magazines and experience is experience...Have you known people who have worked for quad, and were turned down from other retouching houses because of that, or did you just have a bad experience with the place? Either way I'm young and have nothing to really lose by giving it a shot! My freelance place loves me and would take me back with open arms, but I need some stability... I thank all you guys for you opinions but your right ultimately its up to me..lets see what happens!
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                  Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

                  Good luck. Just don't drink the Kool Aid, and always keep an eye on Craigslist. You are, after all, in NYC, capitol of retouching. You won't have to stock shelves, even at Saks, if things don't go to your liking. If you keep on getting better.

                  You'll see what I mean about the Excel sheets. And it's pretty hard to quantify a retoucher's ability that way. And that's why the guys in Wisconsin think retouching is a pain in the neck biz.


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                    Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

                    I'm glad you're willing to give Quad a shot. It sounds like the salary offer you've received proves Benny's "low wage" claim wrong so your experience is already better than what he is offering.

                    I happen to work with Imaging, as well as many other parts of the company. I can tell you that the company takes Imaging very seriously. A lot of resources are put into ensuring that the company's Imaging department is the best it can be. You can find out for yourself how well Imaging is regarded at Quad but I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

                    Enjoy the job and, while I would never tell anyone to blindly accept something, discovering and enjoying the various benefits of working for a company like Quad isn't equivalent to drinking the Kool Aid. If Quad wasn't a good company to work for, it wouldn't be repeatedly named in Fortune's 100 best companies to work for in America.


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                      Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

                      Great debate Lithodia! eh eh! Benny is right on many accounts though. Lithodia, you'll be fine! You gotta start somewhere.


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                        Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

                        Good Day,
                        My first job out of college was with Quad in Boston. If you can swing it I'd recommend it. The pay was peanuts at first, but it escalated quickly. I just couldn't hack the hours. If you're single and willing -go for it. They work on a fireman's schedule. 7-7, 12 hour shifts, 4 days on, 3 days off...3 days on 4 days off. They also rotate from days to nights every six months. It was a great learning experience that opened the door to opportunities that I may not have had otherwise. I currently do all of the color for the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, as well as USTA programs. I also have some solid friendships from my time at Quad.


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                          Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

                          Say, Mr. Quad Employee, I have a question. If you don't work for Imaging, just "with" every now and then, that means you aren't a retoucher. And if you're not a retoucher, why are you surfing this forum?


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                            Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

                            Well ive only been working with them for 2 weeks now and i must say its not bad at all. I know that in other states its crazy and the new york office is way more laid back over here in terms of attire. My hours are really good and the starting pay is good as well. I cant speak for all the companys plants, but the people here are really nice and easy to work with.


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                              Re: Anyone here ever worked with Quad Graphics NY?

                              Hi Lithodia,

                              Ive been following this thread and Im gla everything worked out for you.

                              I dont really know to much about Quad, but I know a few people at their Blue Soho location (which I was told was part of Quad, but Im not 100% sure). They all seemed like really nice people, and they do some really great work.

                              Good luck, I hope everything works out for you



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