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Best business areas in US?

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  • Best business areas in US?

    Hi Everybody,
    I have been wondering about the areas of the US where photo restorers find the most work. I live in retirement heaven and it's not great. Thinking of moving to New Orleans. For lots of reasons but wonder about the art and business opportunities there.

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    I'm in the South east Florida and other than my website which brings no business, I have a yellow pages add in the town I live and it brings in business quite regularly.


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      Welcome to RetouchPRO!

      I lived in New Orleans several years ago. It's a fascinating city, with culture oozing out of every pore. There is a lot of old money in the city. Having never dealt with that part of the city, I have no idea whether they'd be interested in photo restorers.

      There are regularly lots of artists (painting, etc.) in a square in the French Quarter, with lots of tourists there. You might be able to get some business by showing your work there.



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        Thanks for the replies. I've never tried the yellow pages here. I've always thought it wouldn't work well as my studio is in the house. Perhaps I'll try it again when we relocate. I did use yellow pages in NJ years ago and mostly got people looking for a job!

        My website has gotten me some business but nothing local.
        Don't you think clients are generally hesitant to send original antique photos to an unknown recipient - or have some of you had a really active response to web sites?
        I know I'm pretty sucky at self promotion.


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          I just figured that when I want something I look in the Yellow Pages. So I bought a half inch ad and since it's bigger than the other ones of that subject so mine seems to genterate the first calls. There are other methods of advertising too such as church bullitins or local freebee newspapers or even go to photo developing and offer your services. I hope this helps. Good luck.


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            In agreement on the media. The only media advertising I buy is the Yellow Pages. In our case, it a lead generator designed to give us an opportunity to send out our "inquiry packages".

            To anyone seeking a true retail business venture, I'd recommed going into a historic district - it's a "logical" in the minds of your prospective clients if you want copy and restoration work.

            If you can't afford a full time retail site, take a tour through the district and look for a potential framer, antiques dealer or other business where you can sublet about 100 sq. feet as a showroom - then go ahead and work the showroom by appointment and keep your e_lab at home.

            Jim Conway


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              Great idea about renting space to use by appointment. Thanks for the idea.