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Digital photo manipulation jobs ?

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  • Digital photo manipulation jobs ?


    I am doing digital photo manipulation and restoration since 1997.
    I am offering this for clients on my website, but i get not that response.

    So i thought about to go into the industry to search for a job for retouching and enhancing photos.

    I also had no luck here.

    My question is, are there companies which are searching people with this kind of skills ?

    Locally i would be interested in Jobs in Germany, but the digital works can also be done on a basis of teleworking.



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    Welcome to Retouch Pro.
    I am sure there are companies which are looking for folks with Retouching / Enhancing skills but specifically which ones I am afraid I dont know. I would suggest contacting Photolabs in your area as well as perhaps advertising your business locally to let people know that a Retouch/Enhance service is avaliable. You will probably have better results advertising locally plus as I indicated, contacting photo labs in your area and even individual photographers. Good luck and keep us informed of how your search is progressing....In the mean time, how is the Business climate over there? Is there a lot of interest in Photo restore/enhancement? Tom


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      Hello Tom,

      I know that usually this is a job for a graphics designer.

      Unfortunately i do not own all skills that a GD should have, i can not draw and design product logos and i also have nothing to do with layouts and the printing process. So i often do not meet the requirements of the companies offering graphic design jobs.

      As i am still doing this as a hobby, i have just advertized in local newspapers and in some magazines which were not that expensive in advertizing fees and those which do not categorize my webpage to be commercial. Commercial ads are often very expensive.

      So i concentrate more on show off my images on the web.

      Your idea to contact photo labs and photographers is very good. But to go on your next question regarding the interest in photo enhancement... it is not that asked here.

      When needed the photographer usually is doing the job himself, usually by passing over some soft toner and doing little color and detail manipulations.

      Well i will see what i am able to gain from my pass time.




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        You might try putting together a portfolio of your work...some before and after type works, and showing them to some of the photographers..perhaps a Gesthaus ( unsure of spelling) might consent to allowing you to display some of your work...Thats a pretty good way to get some inexpensive exposure. Tom


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          This is a good idea. I will make some layouts and put some of my images with descriptional text in a folder and send or show it to some galleries. Thank you for the hint.




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            Glad to help. There is also a gallery section here on site that you can post images to also... Tom


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              I know... i already have uploaded some images there.


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                My apologies! I have been rather busy with "Western Stuff"...fencing, irrigation, trailing cattle and so on, thus have not been able to devote as much time as I should to all the posts! Sorry...Tom