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  • Working Canadian Retouchers

    Hi there
    Any canadian retouchers in the place?
    Theres only 4 that I know who are working in my town (montreal) and I dont know of a single retouching boutique in the whole country.. Are we all freelancers??

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    Re: Working Canadian Retouchers

    I am a freelancer located in Winnipeg. I haven't met any other retouchers in Wpg and I think that most photogs do their own retouching.
    Most of my work comes from the States.


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      Re: Working Canadian Retouchers

      Hi, from Ottawa.
      I don't do photo retouching as a profession - this remains a sideline/hobby of mine. I used to advertise photo services on my web site but that did not really take off.*shrugs
      It seems to me that many shops now do it themselves and even film developers have you-operate machines that can correct basic problems.


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        Re: Working Canadian Retouchers

        Hi Meok what part of montreal are you from.I live in cotes des neige.Are you making a living from retouching ? who are the other people here in montreal

        drop me a line zganie


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          Re: Working Canadian Retouchers

          Hey wasup zganie, I live on the shore. I know cotes-des-neiges tho, thats where I grew up. Yes i make a living from retouching. Are you retouching also? what kind?


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            Re: Working Canadian Retouchers

            I do some restorations,not making a living at it but accept jobs from time to time



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              Re: Working Canadian Retouchers

              moving to Canada next year.... Been a retoucher for 35 years! Ready to give it up now.... But have been offered work by some of the agencies there.



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                Re: Working Canadian Retouchers

                You have pm meok


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