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    On an average, how much time do you set aside each day for just study/practice and what would your advice be to an Individual as to the amount of time to devote to the aforementioned on a daily basis. How importiantly do you rate a regular schedual of study/practice?......Tom

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    That's one that I think will vary widely with each individual. In my case, there's no set time per day, or even per week. I've been finding a lot of good tips and tutorials on this site lately, and I've been playing around with some of them as time permits. It seems as the site grows, I spend less time with Photoshop, but I want to spend more because of all the goodies coming my way.



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      I am prone to frittering away the whole day, so I've put myself on a schedule.

      After my first coffee and reading the paper, and doing some writing, I spend the next 3 hours at least on PhotoShop - a combination of reading (both books and this forum) and actual hands on practice. If I have actual paying jobs, I begin them after I've had a boost from reading and practicing. If I have so much work that I can't get it done in the 3 hours, I continue into the afternoon, but if I'm working and not getting results, I put the work aside and do more reading. Sometimes if I'm having a problem with something, just letting it jell for a while or overnight will help solve the problem.

      I'm relatively new to PhotoShop so I feel it's important to learn something new every day (although I'm at an age where I might learn the same new thing several days in a row and not realize it. LOL)

      When I first started with PhotoShop, I could be found hunched over my computer - hand cramped on the stylus - long into the night. I was so eager to learn. Anything taken to extreme is not good for me, so I had to force myself to cut back and make room for some other activities as well.

      Just my 2 cents worth,


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        Great questions, Tom!

        I don't really have a set schedule for that sort of thing. I spend a lot of time here on the computer though, either learning or working. My usual "workday" is 8-10 hours about 3-4 days a week. Another 1-2 days are set aside for errands, appointments, etc. I always have RP active while I'm at the computer, and when I feel the need for a "break" I read new posts or work on a challenge. I am a night owl, so the wee hours are my best work time. (From the company I always have here on RP at night, my guess is that a lot of my fellow members are night people too ). Mostly I do the same sort of thing with scheduling as Margaret, only not based on 3 hours. A little reading and practice, then I get down to any real business I have on hand. When I'm done with the real work, or am just burned out on it, I go back to reading or "playing" with techniques.

        Included in my definition of work is any project I am currently working on business wise too, such as the syllabus I'm trying to put together for my hoped for teaching adventure.

        I think that study and practice are extremely important. It's fairly easy for me since I don't have a family to tend to, which is probably a good thing since I tend to get very focused on what I'm doing here at my desk.

        As far as advice goes, I'd say spend as much or as little time as you feel is appropriate or productive in your situation. I'm used to spending 8 hour workdays at a computer, so that is what I'm comfortable with and what I do. Even when I'm reading, I do it sitting here at my desk in case I come across a particular technique I want to try. Some people get restless spending that much time at it, or they get frustrated and feel like they're getting nowhere. If you find that you are pushing yourself past your own limits to the point that you start to get weary of it, then back off a bit and relax!


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          Originally posted by Jakaleena
          I am a night owl, so the wee hours are my best work time. (From the company I always have here on RP at night, my guess is that a lot of my fellow members are night people too )
          I'm another of the "night owls"! I usually finish at my job around 11:30 or 12pm, so I get home around 12 - 12:30 (I always work the evening shift, I never open because I am anything BUT a morning person ) , then I'm up on here for the next couple hours in the forums or trying out new techniques. for some reason, the time between about 12am and 3am is the time when I'm most awake and my favorite time since there's peace and quiet for once.
          in answer to your question Tom, basically all the work I do is practice, since I have tons to learn before I can get a real job once I get out of high school. I usually spend at least 1-2 hours a day messing around in my programs, trying out challenges and learning new skills.

          - David
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            I think I would win the night owl award, as my drive to get work completed for clients deadlines pushes me onwards of 4am and it's not unknown for me to pull all nighters.

            Having said that I have nobody but myself to blame, my time management skill are legendarily poor. I find myself distracted by the slightest thing.

            Practice tends to come through my failures, at the end of the day I call my errors practice


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              I'd toss my hat into that competition ring! Last "night" I finished up at 3:45 am. And it's not unusual for me to hear the birds waking up before I realize I'm about to see another Sunrise from the backside entrance, so to speak...


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                Since I've still got a long ways to go learning even basic PS skills, I look forward to reading (or rereading) books from my collection on a regular basis.

                My M-F routine offers a "natural" opportunity for a shot at daily reading: right after I drop the kids at school. There's a local espresso drive-thru, so I grab a latte, park and try to read for about an hour. Sometimes I don't quite make it for an hour because I'll discover something really cool and I'll head back home so I can start experimenting.

                Being away from the distractions of home helps me stay focused, too.

                Don't always do this, but 3-4 days/week is about average.

                While at my workstation I'll spend, probably, 2-3 hours a day on RP, + other PS related sites... reading through threads, checking product reviews, reading tutorials, etc.

                My .02...



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                  Originally posted by DannyRaphael
                  There's a local espresso drive-thru, so I grab a latte, park and try to read for about an hour.
                  Oh you LUCKY dawg! That is the thing I think I miss the most about living in the PNW. Is it Coffee People??? Huh, huh, is it??? Black Tiger???

                  How would you feel about MAILING one to me...??


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                    I did some collage work recently for a neighbor who works at the Starbucks corp. HQ near downtown Seattle. I expect to be rewarded soon with some primo Starbucks whole-bean coffee.

                    I'd be glad to make you a double-tall, skinny, low-foam with just a dash of nutmeg almond latte and FedEx it to you! They work wonders at keeping night people like us (I confess: I'm one, too) awake just a little longer!


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                      I take mine flat with an extra shot.

                      I'll be waiting.... Mmmmmmm...


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                        Add me to the insomniac list! I have always done my best work at night.

                        I can't say I ever set aside a certain time to practice or study. I usually spend any free time I have reading...5 minutes here...half an hour there. I view each new image I create or photo I restore as practice for the next one.

                        The one thing I have to force myself to do is split time between "real" drawing and painting and computer painting. The computer is like a big black hole...sucking the day away before you even realize it. One day I realized I had not picked up a real paint brush in weeks and something did not feel right about that! I would be willing to bet a lot of photographers feel the same way when going from traditional to digital. You start to feel guilty about leaving the old darkroom all alone...sniff.


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                          I can't believe I am in the company of so many "night" people!! I thought I was alone here. My friends all kid me.. I always leave yahoo messenger on and by 2:30 am the last of them are giving up and saying good night to me.. even the west-coasters. I'm just hitting my stride by midnight. I never understood why, but I've often told people I'm working at 1:30 am or so when they ask why I'm online so late.

                          Truly, I thought I was the only one crazy enough to be on at that time and felt self-concious about posting on RP at sometimes as late as 3am. So many times.. especially recently my que to go to bed was I started seeing the sky lighten.

                          Obviously I am not a very disciplined type when it comes to time management but I spend I would say a good 3 hours/day learning in some way, reading or doing an excercise or tutorials etc. I start whenever I drag myself out of bed.. with aid of caffiene and once I start I can't pull myself away. "actual" work and study alternate throughout the day.

                          some how there is comfort in knowing I'm not alone in my insomnia


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                            Hello - my name is BK and I'm a nightaholic...

                            I try to quit. I really do. I try to keep a "normal: schedule. Up early, to bed by 10 or no later than 11. I'm just weak. I look at the clock and it's 1:30 AM and I'm just getting started.

                            My only comfort is meetings like these, with other self-confessed nightaholics. I don't know what I'd do without you guys...



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                              hey RAVENMD - a new Avatar! Nice!


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