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  • Shipping your work

    I'm wondering what steps y'all take when shipping back client originals and your finished work?

    I myself use a standard photomailer (though i put each individual item in an archival plastic sleeve), put that all in one of those Tyvek envelopes supplied by the post office, and ship using insurance (collecting on old photos would be problematic, so I insure for the value of my work and figure I'd eat the loss for the client if something happened) and required signature (don't want these sitting out in a hot mailbox or wherever, or have the client say "never got it").

    Typically this costs about $8 using the post office. FedEx has a new residential service that would save about $4 and a trip to the PO, but they won't pick up from homes, only businesses. UPS used to pick up from homes, but now they won't.

    So add "who do you ship with" to my initial question.
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    Haven't had to ship to many so far but I use US mail. I put the photo in a photo envelope sandwiched between cardboard and then I ship insured and make sure to get a tracking number on it. But like I said, so far my clients have come to my house. Lucky for me.



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