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  • Your opinions on a "business"

    What do you think the prospects would be for someone doing a business (on the side) that dealt with photos not in a "resurrection" manner but more in a manipulation manner such as my sea pix in the thread "whatever happened to oils??

    I have been toying around with possibly printing out a few inkjet examples and a handful of photos and writing up a price list and some before and after prints, etc to show people what could become with either their own pix (even low quality like the original wave pic in the message link here) or ones they provide me with or ones they see that I have and that they'd like to be "manipulated".

    Maybe renting a booth at an art fair or a craft fair or some similar function and showing examples and prices.

    Anyone tried this? Anyone doing this? Think this could work?

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    I like your idea, BK.

    I actually thought of something similar the other day while reading through one of the threads about turning your photos into art.

    I've got some sample restorations displayed at some frame shops here, and I was considering asking them if they'd like to offer a service to their customers, something like

    Turn Your Favorite Photo Into A FauxPainting

    I would charge the frame shop a set amount for the conversion, which they could then mat, frame, put on canvas backing, etc. and mark up as they liked...

    I'm still not sure how I feel about this idea, so this thread will hopefully generate some good discussion on the subject.

    Thanks for thinking of it!


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      I think there could be a market for it, but I also think you would need a really good spot to sell from. I used to shoot the old time know where people dress up in Victorian (or other period) clothes for the shot. I did some different festivals, but never found one that made it worth doing. Then I decided to try to get a spot at the state fair. It was costly, but that's where I made the money. It ran for 10 days, and I did well every day there. It is doubtful, in my mind, if the small art (or other type) festivals, would bring in enough revenue for you to make it worth the effort. But who knows until you try it? I don't know if you have ever tried selling anything from festivals or shows. We have friends who do wood crafting, and sell at such places. They sell dirt cheap (IMHO, a mistake), and they do a pretty good job on the pieces they sell. Regardless, sometimes they sell quite a bit, and other times they sell allmost nothing. If you opt for the craft/art shows, I suggest that you talk to some of the people exhibiting at the ones you are considering to get a feel of how good the show really is. Sometimes you will find a *lot* of the public at shows, but no sellers really sell a lot. I don't know why it's like that, but it is. And don't talk to just one person, but talk to quite a few. There is always the guy who makes a killing no matter where he sells, and there's always the other guy who never makes a dime. At least that's what they tell you, so take it with a grain of salt, and talk to quite a few sellers. Hope this helps in some sort of way.



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        Speaking just from my experience, I think you should give it a try because there is a market there which is under appreciated. I have done several Wedding photo manipulations which consisted for the most part of "Antiquing using the " Oldmovie Filter" , a few photo composits, some Faux Painting effects for Senior Graduation Wallet photos...there is a market there and I would say "Go for it"!!
        Diversification in business helps keep the cash flow steady plus providing a service which is not readily avaliable....Good luck, Tom


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          I was actually thinking of providing just a few printed samples (such as the almost B/W image of the sea I posted and then prints of what could be done with that). Less money spent on "inventory" with the main focus on what I could do with either what I have already by way of photos or with ones the customer would provide.


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            I think you may like to check out our site - we have been doing photo manipulation for some time. As we are based in a relative small city our market is a little limited, but we are slowly building a customer base. The 3 big challenges we have found is explaining to customers what it is we actually do (the web site helped there), actually getting the customers to get around to giving us the images to scan, and of course overcoming or explaining to the potential customers the cost of the services we provide.
            But it can be so rewarding when you show that finished work!



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              Welcome to RP, Grant! Glad to see you here!

              I checked out your site and was thoroughly enchanted. What a neat idea and a wonderful approach. I really enjoyed visiting.

              Thank you for sharing that...


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                Hi Grant! Welcome to RetouchPro! I too just took a look at your site. You do beautiful work! Wow!

                I hope we'll be hearing more from you in these forums. Based on the quality of your work, I think we can learn a lot from you. Of course, I hope you are able to pick up a few tips as well - I wouldn't want it to be a oneway street.



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                  Wonderful work on your site! Excellent collage work. I really like how you've encorporated so much into the image, and yet have kept the effect subtle enough so that it doesn't deter from the individual.


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                    Originally posted by Grant Hills
                    I think you may like to check out our site - we have been doing photo manipulation for some time.
                    "All our work is printed in a professional photographic laboratory. " This is a quote from your website, which brings up another question. What do you do with the final product? I mean, once you have adjusted and manipulated the image, does it then become a photograph? If you take it somewhere to be done, where do you take it and why?

                    I'm sure I have more questions, but this is enough to start with.


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                      Welcome Grant!!! Perhaps you could start a thread describing your business. There are lots of folks who would be interested and having the info under its own thread would make it easy to find/keep up on! Look forward to hearing more from you! Again, Welcome aboard!!! Tom


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                        Hey Grant! Glad to have you aboard. Although I didn't check out *everything* on your site, what I did see looks fantastic! Like the others, I think you might have something to share that would be enjoyed by all.



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                          Thank You all for all of your kind comments!
                          Tom, - not sure how I could describe our business as it has only been operational for a relative short time. Basically it came out of a natural progression from many years of 'playing around' with Photoshop. I was doing the odd image for friends and relatives etc, which of course they showed to friends who then approached me to 'do something' for them, which led me to the natural progression of starting a buisness. At this time it is still a 'part time' passion (hence the name Overtime Images) as I still work full time in the Professional Audio industry, Although I would LOVE to progress to doing work like this as a full time occupation.
                          Blacknight - As far as the finished product is concerned , I now burn the finished product on to CD and take it to a photographic lab to have printed. I can not stress the importance of establishing an excellant relationship with a lab/printer, I tried x 3 before settling with my current lab. After a quick check, (maybe an a small curves/levels adjustment) they print as many copies as I request. I did try in house printing, but gave it away due to size constaints, blocked jets, concern over fading prints - you name it. I guess I just decided that I wanted to focus on image manipulation rather than printing, it does mean that you have to VERY carefully check the finsihed work before burning to CD though!



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                            Thanks Grant - I appreciate your response and insights.


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                              Deja Vu(e)...


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