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    Well, it's not an ad for restoration services, and I didn't really think about making something specifically for this challenge until I was almost done with the image I was playing with. But....

    I'll try to remember what I did to it.

    I duplicated the background, made a new layer and used the Art History brush on it. On the duplicate background, I selected the bull, and the cowboy he's tryin' to eat, and inverted the selection. Then I did a crosshatch to everything except the bull & cowboy. After that, I erased lightly around them to blend in the crosshatch because I didn't want it to be on the center subjects. I made new layers and built the flames on it by filling an area with orange/red gradient on a black background and then mashing it around with the smudge tool. I added some yellow highlights, mashed it around some more and added the words.

    This is a postcard to send to stock contractors and rodeo promotors. Although the cowboys want pix of them looking real good on their animal, stock contractors want their livestock to be lookin' TUFF and scary!
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    Did you, by any chance see Dune? This is what's playing in my head while thinking of those giant Sand Worms moving accross the desert, dust flying up, and lightning generating off their bodies. This is how I see your Bull.

    Zoom in real close, the fence and other people are gone, just that massive head with lighting coming down to the horn tips, and the poor luckless cowboy, helpless benieth this visage from the ancient gods.

    just an idea.



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      Looks pretty darn good to me Jak. I think you've accomplished what you set out to do. Nice job.



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        Love It!!!! Looks just like last months branding and bruise fest! Super action shot and neat added effects! Tom


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          Thanks guys! I had some fun with that one...

          And Tom, I'm starting to think you're a cowboy at heart... Barbed wire, brand & bruise fest... I love rodeo and cowboys. Always have.

          (If you're into serious "bruise fests," there's some more of my rodeo stuff HERE)


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            Wow, Jak - those photos are SO cool!! Do many of the rodeo bulls/horses get hurt? (We don't have rodeos here, sadly ... I think I was a barrel racer in a past life) - Sam


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              I've never personally seen an animal get hurt. Seen a lot of cowboys get mauled though. Even been plowed under a few times myself... The first rodeo I was at last year, I got my bell rung good by one of the bucking bulls. When I came to, there were EMT's all over me! Last summer was tough. I got banged up at almost every rodeo I went to. Nothing like what happens when you're actully ON one though...

              Animals getting injured does happen, but it's rare. There are a lot of rules and regulations that apply to the way rodeo animals are treated and cared for. The most I've seen as far as animal injury are things like pulled muscles and stuff - the same types of injuries you'd see in any athlete.


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                Originally posted by fugitive
                Did you, by any chance see Dune?
                I did, and I loved it! Loved the books even better. And I know exactly the effect you're talking about. I don't think my skills are up to it though...


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                  would you want to try if we could get you a filter to do the lightning?


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                    It was your idea Greg, I think you should try it! I know the effect you're talking about, but I wouldn't come anywhere close to your vision of how you see it.

                    That link I posted has the same pic in the gallery - I think it's the first shot. You should be able to capture it big enough for just playing with...


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                      Like the pics a lot, one thing comes to mind, were you in the ring with them, as it looks like you would have to be to get those shots, nice work.


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                        No, I don't get into the arena. I now a lot of guys who do, but I'm not that brave (or is it stupid..?). I have a long lens and a ladder that I stand on up against the railing. I usually perch with one foot on the rail and one foot on the ladder hanging over the top of the fence. That's why I get hit - those guys bang into that rail sometimes before I realize it or have enough time to get down... Especially the broncs, which are notorious for hugging the rail while they buck and run.


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                          I can't believe I almost missed this thread. Excellent job. Boy you even got the heat waves in there too. Nice effects. Hope it's a fake phone number or you make get crank calls.