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    Since I don't have a business, I was just wondering about this. Would any of you accept a scan from a customer, instead of a negative or print? It seems that if a customer made the scan, you *might* have more work to do when making the corrections, depending on the quality of the scan. Some potential customers might feel that they don't want to take a chance sdending a prized photo through the mail, but they wouldn't mind losing a scan all that much.


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    Ed, I do work for folks who provide both scans and digital photos, mostly on ZIP discs as the storage media. Before I accept them though I specify (for scans that is) the resolution,color mode and answer any questions they may have. This has worked out pretty good. On occasion I will have to return the ZIP disc with some instructions on how to get a better scan but that has not happened very often and without exception the customers have been pleased to learn how to improve their skills. You are right about people being more willing to part with a scanned image and a Zip disc rather than the photo itsself. Occasionally I will scan the photo while the customer waits and send the original home with them. Fot those photos and negatives I have in my work place, as soon as I have scanned them they go into archival storage sleeves and are locked into a fire resistant/waterproof safe or lockbox, depending on the size of the item. Tom


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      I've accepted scans on disk. CD as well as printed. I also have told them what DPI etc. it needs to be. I've also received a couple that I'm guessing were printed from maybe a color laser or possibly a color copier. I told the people I work with that it may or may not come it turns out it did come out ok.


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        Yes, I would accept a scan but if it was too difficult I might ask for a second and tell them how to achieve a better one. So far I haven't had a scan delivered.

        I did however accept a black and white Xerox copy of a photo and that was interesting to say the least. It wasn't done during the days of modern copy machines either. Turns out that was all she had left of a portrait destroyed in a fire. She asked me to restore and color it. I did the best I could. I added a textured background of canvas and it looked like a painting. Turned out pretty good considering it was my first Photoshop restoration ever.



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          Oh DJ, don't I just love those copy machine images...I DON'T THINK SO! Had one this last week about the size of a business card and 3/4 of the picture was nothing but specks...all you could see was an outline of a person no face detail or anything...and they wanted me to fix it and blow it up to a 8x10...wasn't much I could do.


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            God I hope I never get another one. I am trying to gather some of my before and after work to post on a photo site so you can check some of it out. I will definately post my Xerox masterpiece. I tell you, it wasn't near as bad as some actual photos I got that were truthfully carried in a mans wallet for 40 years. Now that's a task in a half. LOL It's amazing what people think you can fix......for next to nothing I might add.


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              Well DJ you hit the nail on the head..."for next to nothing"!

              It is amazing what people think you can do, and in a short amount of time as well..I guess it's the age of

              I'm still trying to get the photo place I work with to understand I cannot do quality work on these jobs in 2 days's just not enough time to handle the volume and complexity of some of the work. I might pick up 4-6 restoration jobs and they want them back in 2 days...can't be done.

              I have luckily only had a couple of photos that I was truly stumped on and to this day cannot figure out what to do with them. I gave the originals back to the customer but retained a copy so that some day if I figure out how to fix it I will.


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                Chris, Just a thought--- When confronted with someone who expects you to " turn a pigs ear into a silk purse" as it were, AND wants the work done for what amounts to a "give away" AND wants it yesterday, I usually bow out and refer them on. I tried to accomidate this type--once. The "client from the neither regions" was not pleased with anything, constantly complaining about this and that and after 6 revisions I did what I should have done in the first place and refered them to another place. I understand that this other business couldnot please them either. For those who wait until 1 or 2 daqys before the "Big Reunion" and come in with a few photos to be restored and 6 copies made at 8x10 of each, I usually offer them this advice. (1) poor planning on your part doesnot constitute an emergency on mine. (2) I will however try to meet your schedual although if it appears that extensive work is going to be needed either I only clean up the worst parts and print or select another photo for reproduction. This has worked for me. If you begin making a policy of "Restores by emergency" you will soon be awash in them. On occasion I will not even attempt to take on a job as the time frame vs amount of work necessary is nuts. By the way, I like your idea of scanning and saving the "impossible" photos. GOOD IDEA, I think I'll start doing that. Thanks for the tip. Tom


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                  Boy Tom, you sure know how to stick it to the competitors. That was cute. I bet they loved for that one.


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                    Dj, I talked to the person who got to deal with that client and was asked, and I quote, " WHERE the H*** DID YOU FIND THAT ONE? NEXT TIME SEND THEM TO WHITEFISH" ( A nice town about 8 hours away on the opposite side of the Rocky Mountains from here which requires passing through Grizzly Bear country. I dont think the competition was happy with me, though I could be wrong). Tom


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                      Oh that was hiliarious Tom!!! LOL I guess I called that one correctly. They might just start refering their nastys to you now as a payback.


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