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  • Advertising

    I read the comments from those who use the yellow pages..and I am going to explore the pricing.

    I have used small marketing cards (4 X 6) and display boards locally (18 X 20 with restoration examples) - I have three frame shops that display these for me. It returns some business, but not as much as I would like. I also send flyers to small groups that do scrapbooking in this area.

    What other advertising works well for your services?

    So far my website hasn't pulled much business either (

    Thanks for any thoughts out there!
    ccesktop/Barbara Kessling

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    Hi Barbara,

    Although I haven't tried to make a business out of restorations, I think the first thing you need to do is to show the public how you are different from the run-of-the-mill photo restorers that might be your competition. For instance, check out some of Tom's (thomasgeorge) posts, and you will see how he handles the clients photos, and you will also have the feeling that he knows quite a bit about handling them properly. The good thing about yellow pages is that when someone finds your business in the yellow pages, they are likely to be ready to buy the services. So I think if there are more than a couple of ads currently running, you need to differentiate yourself from the others. I think there have been some other threads regarding what works, and what doesn't, but I didn't do a search for them. Genealogy clubs and local historical societies should also be good targets for advertising. Why don't you submit something in the business challenge thread? I'm pretty sure you'll get more answers on this thread, but be sure to check out the rest of the work/jobs forum. Good luck.



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      Dear Ed,
      thanks for your thoughtful reply. I will do some further research on this site. Your tips on the clubs were very good ones, and I will start looking into that, too.

      I'm anxious to become established. It may just take longer than I would like. So many folks really have no idea about photo restoration - I'm finding that often if there is an interest, there is no urgency to get it done. I believe perserverance is the key - as in other aspects of I'll keep at it!

      thanks again,
      Barb Kessling


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