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  • canadian retouchers

    I am curious to know what kind of money is available for retouchers in Canada
    say Montreal,Toronto or vancouver for example
    Any Response?

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    Re: canadian retouchers

    I guess there not working or ?


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      Re: canadian retouchers

      maybe all the retouching is done somewhere else?


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        Re: canadian retouchers

        It depends on how good you are. think of it this way, if you are a chef that cant cook worth a darn, then you will be working at mcdonalds for the rest of your life, and they probably wont even let you cook there. So if you are a crappy retoucher, then be happy with min wage, if your good, you can ask for what you want to get paid, just like me. lol


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          Re: canadian retouchers

          Matthew thanks for answering still curious though ,IT is just because I never see mention of it


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            Re: canadian retouchers

            Well if this helps in the us i make $1000.00 per photo i edit


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              Re: canadian retouchers

              well Matthew you must be one hell of a busy guy (lol) because as far as I can see your the only person doing this in Canada as far as this forum goes


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                Re: canadian retouchers

                lol, no one like to tell what they get paid, its stupid i think. lol


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                  Re: canadian retouchers

                  This is A joke right? you guys are hiding somewhere.One guy in all of Canada making some kind of money?


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                    Re: canadian retouchers

                    I work as a digital retoucher in Toronto for one of the largest prepress shops/ photo studios in Canada. There is lots of work here in Toronto, you just have to look for it. And we do most of our work for clients in the USA.


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                      Re: canadian retouchers

                      Well seeing as this is my maiden post to Retouchpro I thought I'd start in the Canadian Blog.

                      Hello fellow Canadian Retouchers. I guess you can add me to the small group here. I work in Toronto as a Retoucher. I do work for some of the Ad Agencies in town here.

                      What Prepress shop do you work at Heretic if you don't mind me asking? Zganie, where are you located? Is everyone keeping busy?


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                        Re: canadian retouchers

                        I frequently do retouching work for a Photostudio in Montreal.
                        Belgium is about 8000 km from Montreal, so if I can find it from here, you sure can find it from where you live. It might be your neighbour!


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                          Re: canadian retouchers

                          Sorry I realize this thread is probably long gone by now, but I thought I would add my two cents. I do all the restoration and alteration for Black's web restoration service, and I don't even live in Toronto! Like other threads say, It's just a matter of having the right skills, jumping at the right opportunity, making sure you have the best quality possible, and the best work ethic because people will always return to people who are consistent. (In quality and work ethic obviously)


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                            Re: canadian retouchers

                            Thanks for replying Robbie,is that for Blacks Photo stores


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                              Re: canadian retouchers

                              Hi Yes it is for all the Blacks (and Astral in Quebec) Stores.


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