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  • Retouching work in Louisville, Ky

    I've very recently re-located to Louisville from NYC and finding work in my field has been pretty discouraging. I know that somewhere in the city of Louisville, someone is in need of an accomplished Photoshop guy but finding them is not easy. I've contacted some employment agencies, and when I say "I'm a digital retoucher", I get this silence and though I'd just spoken in a foreign language. So if anyone has any digital imaging connections in or around the Louisville area, I'd greatly appreciate your contact.

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    Re: Retouching work in Louisville, Ky

    Hi Digitalartetc.
    I did some contract work in New Albany, IN which is accross the bridge from LouVul, KY. However, I was more of a Production Artist. A lot of Quark and some Photoshop work. My old company is called TMP Worldwide, who used to own but now it's the other way around. If you're searching for a job in the graphic arts field, this may be a good choice. Not a lot of creativity, however. If you solely want to do retouch, then I don't know of any colorhouses. I don't believe there's a lot of work as far as retouching goes over there. Try to do a search for pre-press house or color house in Louisville. Contact photographers. However, photographers don't pay well unless they are established, well known, and charges their clients an arm and a leg.

    I know my current company (RR Donnelley) has a Press facility in KY and we're actually looking for Retouchers. However, the retouch work is in SF where I am. Check out craigslist in San Francisco just to get an idea.

    Anyways, good luck on your search and best to you.



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