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Does your business have a name?

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  • Does your business have a name?

    Assuming you're in business, does it have a catchy name? Mine doesn't I just use my own name, mostly because I've had so many other businesses with names, for me this is a departure.

    What about a slogan? Mine's a real barn-burner "Fine Photo Restorations"
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    Name is DPG for "Digital Photographics". No slogan although "we are a non profit orginization" might be worth considering. Tom
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      Well I set up the business name as "Custom Creations" and our logo is of course...a cowboy boot...but a rather colorful one.


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        bearing in mind that i am not "in business" @ this point, i have given thought to names. initially i had planned on "re:vision", but my advisers have assured me i can expect lots of calls on eyeglasses. too esoteric, they said. i like esoteric, but it prob won't pay the bills. they were prob. right.

        a prior grand passion that i thought might become a business was working with concrete, esp. concrete/stained glass stepping stones; concrete garden ornaments. (it did eventually dawn on me that concrete may not be a wise choice for one with back problems) but i did so love the name i had chosen for it, even had business cards (i must be a business! i have business cards!)(akin to "i can't be overdrawn! i still have checks in my checkbook!) for it:

        concrete ideas concrete ideas had to format it special to signify my esteem for it. a moment of silence, please

        tom, you can't have that slogan, i'm sure i will need it. i guess it will just have to be public domain. you crack me up.

        i wonder how you would do it if you wanted color and italic on the same word. concrete ideas ooooh i figured it out. i needed that.


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          Mine business name is Priceless Moments Photo Restoration and my slogan is We help you recapture the past


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            I happen to like "re:vision"

            And if you get calls for glasses, remember there's no such thing as bad publicity
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              (add an h and you're dough, i just did) my adviser further said that was prob. a good internet name, but for local traffic, too obscure. had first playfully, then seriously, consider spittin images for local. also preservation graphics.


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                By Katrin Eismann
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  My business name is Lifetime Photo. But for the "life" of me, I can't think up a catchy phrase to go with it!
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                    Hi Vikki,

                    How about...."Because we believe your photos should last a lifetime" or "Because your memories should last a life time" Something like that, that plays off your business name. OH well, it's just me sticking in my 2 cents again.



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