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  • Advice Please

    Just trying to get some extra work (night and weekends) regardless of industry I’m in.
    I‘ve responded and posted on craiglist (pointless), I was looking at not so much to look for. If you have any suggestions or advice how to go about this in NY I would really appreciate it.
    Best regards,

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    Re: Advice Please

    Sorry Edgar, sitting on the other side of the world...maybe someone else can help


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      Re: Advice Please


      The 1st thing you should do is show the before and after of each piece.
      It is impossible to tell what you did as far as retouching goes.
      Since you are in NY, my advice is to start hitting the pavement and showing your book.
      Good Luck.


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        Re: Advice Please

        Originally posted by sonny7 View Post
        Since you are in NY, my advice is to start hitting the pavement and showing your book.
        Good Luck.
        Ditto here. it helps that you want to work nights, but I don't know if you'll find weekend work unless you want to establish a relationship with a few places, and take it home over the weekend. Most places aren't open on the weekends.

        Polish your skills all the time. Balance your book with some beauty work.

        Good retouchers are hard to find.


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          Re: Advice Please

          Thank You, to all of you! Yes I have no problem to work from home also since I have all necessary tools at home as well. I’m polishing it every single day either practical or reading (NY subway trips can be translated in books).I’m in process of redesign the website. Please tell me if the 8x10 portfolio for retouching should be fine, any suggestions?
          Best regards,


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