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  • Online portfolio or Print portfolio?


    I am just wondering if a printed portfolio is still important or necessary (I have my online portfolio) when go in for job interviews?

    I haven't print out any of my new works for a long time!

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    Re: Online portfolio or Print portfolio?

    Hi Kavou, welcome to RTP! :-)

    I think a printed folio is the best way to go. It's too easy for person doing the hiring to flip through a web page _and_ they also know that most of the time, work posted on the web is low resolution and can hide a lot of flaws in someone's work. A printed folio just seems so much more "professional" and "touch and feel".


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      Re: Online portfolio or Print portfolio?

      Thank you Swampy.


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        Re: Online portfolio or Print portfolio?

        A printed portfolio is a must. I have issues with my online galleries because a lot of people can not see the detail work that I do. The skin textures, sharpening, color, etc... just do not show up on the web. Plus, I have yet to meet an art director that calibrates there monitor or even has a nice monitor for that matter. So, you never know how they are seeing things on the web.

        Good Luck. -W


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          Re: Online portfolio or Print portfolio?

          Thank you jagerman.


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            Re: Online portfolio or Print portfolio?

            My portfolio is a - PRAT 13.5x11.5 black hand held folio and I use burgundy color paper for inlay.

            I usually carry 20 before/after samples. Is that sufficient?

            I also carry some of my illustration work to show my drawing ability.
            Is that a good idea?

            How about showing samples on a laptop?


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              Re: Online portfolio or Print portfolio?

              when i first left my full-time retouching job to test the freelance game, i paid 400-some dollars for a printed portfolio that got me two interviews in one month. two months later i got around to posting before and afters on a blog and sent the link around, and got two interviews in the very next week

              true, you can't see very much from a online lo-res, but in terms of just getting into a studio for a test, i think it's good enough. and then there's the ease of sending it out to lots of places simultaneously, it doesn't cost anything to update, blah blah blah

              i bring a DVD to interviews with high-res stuff in case anyone's curious, but i've never had to whip it out, usually if they already have you there they'd rather just test you and that'll tell em everything they need to know

              my printed portfolio is gathering dust at the bottom of my closet, with my college term papers and grade school drawings


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                Re: Online portfolio or Print portfolio?

                Thank you BodegaGo.


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