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A new idea-side line new-sales avenue?

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  • A new idea-side line new-sales avenue?

    Hello People,

    I have had this idea in the back of my head for some time, but I'm not sure really how to market it.
    Basically it occured to me the other day that there must be a number of commercial companies out there that are very proud of there corporate history, and would have a collection of old photos - product catalogues- achievement certificates you name it, that they would love to have displayed in there front office - boardroom - reception areas etc. I thought something in a montage setting? Or perhaps just a collection of restored photos nicley framed. could be a new market avenue for people in our line of work?
    Just imagine if they requested copies for each branch office of the company. Makes the mouth water just thinking about it!
    Just an idea but I'm not really sure how you would go marketing this service? Perhaps advertising in local buisness magazines? Any input would be highly appreciated.



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    I think it sounds like a pretty good idea!
    I know that most larger companies have a standard brochure that usually shows the history of the company, with a few pictures, but never on a grand scale. I would think that smaller companies are probably a better market. Especially since most are probably family based, so the photos would have even more sentimental value.
    If I were going to take this avenue, I would probably do a few for free, perhaps for a friend or acquaintance. Then see what kind of reaction/response this generates - to see if there is actually an interest.
    Could be a nice little niche!


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      Very interesting idea, Grant. At one place I worked the bank across the street brought in several old photos for restoration. They were of things like the bank's founder, construction of the first bank building, awards presentations, etc. One was a group photo of a bunch of young men - all of whom had gone on to become very prominant people in the community.

      It had never occurred to me to ask about compiling them in the way you suggest. I think that's a wonderful idea.

      You might check out as a source for the final presentation book. I haven't had experience with them myself, but there's a thread HERE about it.


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