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    What do you do (if anything) to keep in touch with your customers after the job is finished. I think it's important to keep your name in front of them because it's easier to keep old customers (word of mouth) than it is to get new ones. How often are you in contact with them?

    Not to change the subject, but I wanted to pass this on: Yesterday, I went past a business that had a sign out front. It said: "our goal is your referral". Pretty good!


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    Morning Ed,

    Glad to see someone else is up besides

    As far as the business, word of mouth to me is one of the most powerful advertisers.

    I do my very best to please customers and make sure they go away happy and I also give them a few business cards to pass along. Also there are a few places around town that have those bulletin boards where you can place your card so that's another idea.

    Advertising is soooo expensive that if I did advertise I would really have to be selective in where, ie, local newspaper, local chamber of commerce directory, etc.

    As far as keeping in touch I know the photo place I work with keeps a customer database going with all the customers names and addresses and about once every 6 months they send a mass mailing out in the form of a flyer with some type of special or discount going. They also send Christmas postcards at the holiday time.

    The word of mouth from the old customers sends in new ones pretty regularly as they do great work.

    Have a great day Ed.


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      Ed, This area is pretty unpopulated so it easy to keep in contact--usually just walking down the street or going to the grocery store is a sure way to see clients. I agree fully with Chris--Word of mouth cant be beat. Tom


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        You're liable to find me here at anytime. My sleeping habits are a bit bizzare. I might get up at 2 A.M., 6 A.M. or whenever. But if I get up too early, like 2 A.M., I usually find a way to catch a nap.

        I once had a marketing executive tell me that you should maintain contact, or at least do something to make them aware of the fact that you're still around, every 3 months. He said the three month number was pretty accurate, in that if they don't hear anything about you, they tend to forget about you after that.



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          I think you're one of the lucky ones . Yes, I agree that word of mouth is the best advertising you can get at any price.



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            Ed, It can be a two edged sword. Someone once told me that if a person likes what you've done they will tell their friends. If they dont like it they will tell EVERYONE. Tom


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              Yeah, I've heard that a satisfied customer will tell one person about you, whereas an unsatisfied customer will tell ten. Ain't fair, but that's life.



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