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  • Advice on bidding or work with bidding

    Hi everyone! I just joined here! I'm looking for advice.
    I've been working freelance as a photo retoucher for about 7 years now. I'm just getting into the bidding market, however, I'm usually out bidded by foreign freelancers (India and Pakistan). Does anyone know of any sites that don't require bidding, or sites that I can find work doing photo retouching?

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    Re: Advice on bidding or work with bidding

    i think most ad agency's that outsource use some sort of bidding process, even if it is among the local population...


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      Re: Advice on bidding or work with bidding

      Thanks pixelzombie,

      What's your advice on the best bidding sites? I've joined several including Freelance Designers, IFreelance, and The Creative Group. Do you know of any others?


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