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  • Book?

    I've been noticing people talking about their books, and I wonder if anyone can explain. I'm beginning to apply for retouch jobs in NY and I don't feel prepared. Do I need to have prints of my work? Is my website not enough, and if so, can't I just bring my laptop?

    Anything else I can expect in the interview process?

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    Re: Book?

    Your book is your resume. It should be prints, it should be excellent. It can be loose photos, but they should be the best you can do and the best prints you can make. Mounted pages from published work is good, too. 10-20 samples, chosen to fit the interview. Have your name and contact details on the back of each, a label is fine. Spend a few bucks on a nice portfolio case to hold it all. Doesn't have to be tooled fine leather, but also not just a paper folder.
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      Re: Book?

      Interviewers most of the time will want to see your book to see the high res images. Websites and digital samples are great, but a most of the time they will want to look at something tangible. Interviewers will also many times ask you to do a 1-2 hour test to accurately judge your skill level and speed. So, if you work on a tab it's not a bad idea to bring one with you that you're already comfortable with.


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        Re: Book?

        Your BOOK is your creative work. I always arrange my book depending on the client. If its automotive I show my car retouching first. Always show before and after. I spend a great deal of time crafting my book so it is clean and precise. I try not to overwhelm the client with everything I have done. I also have reprints of my retouching in the ads it ran in. Your online portfolio should be very clean and to the point. It important to be able to send a link to your online portfolio quickly to get the client on board. I would not use a lap top. If you are depending on it and it crashes you are out of luck. Having a nice book (portfolio) open on a table lets the client handle it on their terms. Good luck.


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