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Have you used a web site submission service before?

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  • Have you used a web site submission service before?

    I spent some money today on a web site submission service. There are lots of these services out there. What they do is submit your website address and a description of your site to search engines all over the planet.

    Has anyone had any success with this type of advertising before?

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    I've never tried one but would be very interested in your results.


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      I started the service today. I also found Retouch Pro today, so it is hard for me to tell what the increase of traffic to my site is from. But i have gotten a big spike in traffic.

      Of course the real measurement is done in sales.


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        Are you refering to software that submits your site to numerous search engines? I used Wolf Pro but I don't think that really paid off much.


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          No, I am talking about paying some one that has software to do it for me.

          I signed up with the below link.


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            I used one for my first personal website, an Angelfire vanity monstrosity, a few years ago. It worked to a certain extent, but the place I used apparently gave/sold its information to (ahem) "adult" listing services, too. I had some extremely bizarre search engine referrals after I did it.

            Suffice it to say that "animal-lover" in my meta keywords information appealed to a particular set of people in a way I never intended.


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              Not a very pretty story. I can only hope that it wont happen to me. The company I am using apears to be reputable.... but one never knows.


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