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  • takin' the dive

    I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and advice. I hope you will be pleased to hear that I have decided to take it.
    Yesterday I closed the deal on my retail office space, a well lit streetfacing 20 x 30 room with hardwood floors for, get this, fifty dollars a month, including utilities.
    So, with the money I saved, today I ordered an Epson 2450 to upgrade my scanning abilities. There is a lot of work ahead but I am more than ready for it. Thanks again everyone

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    Congratulations Jeff on what has to be the deal of the century!! Sounds like you're off to a great start. Now do your self a favor and contact the local Yellow Pages and see what an ad in next years book will run. It's the best form of advertising.

    Also.... And this is extremely important so please pay close attention. Don't forget to keep us informed on how things are going for you.

    Good luck and don't get discouraged if it takes a few years to really get the ball rolling. Alot of small businesses fold long before they get up an running because they think the money should be rolling in from day one and just don't give things a chance to develope. You have a hedge getting that rental space so cheap and that will really help keep your initial overhead costs way down.


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      Congratulations and keep us up to date on how your business progresses. Good choice on the Epson...that model does a wonderful job for scanning not only prints but 120/220 and 4x5 negatives as well.
      Have you looked into fire resistant storage containers to keep customers photos/negatives in? Might be a good idea from the security/damage control aspect....Tom


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        Wow Jeff that's a great deal. Hope all goes well for you. DJ's suggestion of the yellow pages is an excellent one, I've just signed up for our yellow pages here and will be interested to see what effect it has on business in the future. Keep us informed how you are going and good luck.
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          Best wishes on your new undertaking Jeff.



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            That is a phenomenal deal. The utilities alone would be more than $50/month. How'd you swing it?

            I'd wish you luck, but it's obvious you already have it all
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              $50/month?!? There's gotta be a hitch - maybe there's a ghost renting the place too.

              Seriously, that is just amazing! Now, like DJ said, get a phone line and call Yellow Pages right away. The YP deadline in my area is mid-October, but when I called about a month ago, they seemed like they needed to talk to me right away until they looked up my "area deadline" and realized I still had some time to play with. So, my guess is that different areas of the country have different deadlines - and some are a lot earlier than others.

              Congrats! And don't forget to keep us updated with how things are going!