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  • Hours Spent At Computer

    Just wondering--- How many hours a day do you folks spend at the computer or studying about the various programs you use? Tom

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    Let's put it this way, my son just told me I have to get a life. I am usually playing around on Photoshop or doing some work with it and the mail is always open so when I get Retouch messages I click in so I don't miss anything good. I think I'm an addict. Time to go to "WWW anonymous"


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      Hmmm, this is a dangerous question. It seems like I'm constantly in learning mode. First it was web design, then photoshop, then photo restoration, then digital imaging . . . . I probably spend an equal amount of time reading and sitting in front of the computer. Not sure of the exact number of hours though. I'm probably better off not knowing--if you know what I mean. Let's just say I hardly ever watch TV anymore. My husband and I have "His and Her" computers. It's actually quite comical. He's a network engineer and got sick of me tying up the computer all the time so he bought me my own. We have two desks sitting side by side in our office. It's kind of cute (or pathetic depending on your point of view). Although, we're now spending a lot more time together.



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        Hummm... unless you can rapidly write your name with a mouse, you probably are OK with the life you have. I spend from 6 to 10 hours per day at either the computer or studying. Tom


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          Computer time? Hard to say since I'm on it several times a day. One time might be an hour, another 10 minutes, etc. My reading mostly consists of subject matter either having to do with Photoshop or relating to woodworking or other how-to things. These times vary considerably according to my other responsibilities around the home.



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            Well I'm afraid to admit it but I'm at this computer 12 to 14 hours a day working and studying.

            I've always been a visual learner and the computer meets that need for learning.

            Of course a lot of time is spent here just doing work but as long as it pays the expenses and gives me a little extra I'll stick with it.

            And the 100+ degree weather this time of year sort of limits my outside activities...but thank God fall is coming....


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              I'm also afraid to admit that most days I spend between 10-12 hours on the computer. (I'm instituting a new practice that at least one day on the weekend, the computer is off most of the day - otherwise nothing gets done around the house! ) I do a lot more "research" and learning now than actual work, but I think that's the stage I'm at. I doubt my time will go down much in the future, but the activities I do on the computer will certainly change (hopefully to more work.) I do worry about needing to "get a life", but I make sure to get out for my morning hike and play with the cats. Problem comes around dinner time when I'm usually deep in the middle of something. I have a habit of not cooking then, which isn't a problem when my husband is off at meetings in the evening, but when he's coming home for dinner, I feel like I should have something ready to eat. (Purely my issue, I don't think he really cares. :o ) -Jeanie