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How old are the majority of your clients?

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  • How old are the majority of your clients?

    How old are the majority of your clients?
    under 30
    30 - 40
    41 - 50
    51 - 60
    61 - 70
    71 +

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    I didn't know what one to really choose so I went with 60 to 70 but really I would say they range mostly from 50 to 70 and I really have had alot that were in their 30s and 40s as well. Not very many in their early 20s to early 30s though.
    I'm not sure it's an accurate count of the overall clientelle through out the US and Canada though since I live in Florida which is known for it's strong population of elderly people.


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      Probably 95% of my clients are in the age 50 plus range. Just from observations, it seems that until folks hit the "Big 50" they tend to take photos for granted, but as they age they become more interested in them and have more disposable income to play with, some of which they will expend on Restore work, providing they feel comfortable with the Retoucher and trust that person. Tom


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        Right on target Tom ...I started in the photography business photographing the "boomers" as babies and they have been the basis of my shifts in career focus ever since - as Babies - HS and College Seniors and now photo conservation and restoration work!

        BTW - the restorations are not from my early work - those are holding up fine - just thought I'd mention that! :-)

        Jim C


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          Since I work in a pro photo studio

          And all the clients are primarily ad agencies, we get "art directors" that range from 25 to 65.


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