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  • Client base: Male or Female

    Are the majority of your clients male or female?

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    I went with male believe it or not because in most cases they come alone or they are with thier wives so in alot of the cases I have both but more often the male will come alone where the females tend to bring someone. This may be due to the fact that I am working out of my home, I don't know for sure.


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      Initially female, however as word spread that a Retouch service was avaliable it has now swung to about 50-50. Tom


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        All but four of my clients have been men. And my one lady says her husband has been digging through his pictures now and will be sending them to me. I get most of the baby pictures from the female clients and the ancestors from the men.


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          I would say about 90% of my customers are men.


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