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How do you deliver/receive work?

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  • How do you deliver/receive work?

    I'm curious about how you physically obtain the originals or files that you work on.
    Client comes to my home
    Client comes to my office
    I go to client
    Client ships to me, I ship back
    Client emails/ftp a file, I send back
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    97% of my customers come from my ad in the local Yellow Pages so they generally come to my home for delivery and pick up of finished prints. I have on occaision gone to them if they are not too far away. The other 3% comes from friends, family and word of mouth. None so far have been sent to me through the mail.


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      The customer physically delivers the original and, if only one or two photos, waits while I scan them them is given the originals back, safely encased in a proper archival enclosure which we provide as part of our service, as well as a pamphlet outlining proper storage and display methods. Tom


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        I have a combination of methods. Usually they come to my home but sometimes they are mailed or emailed to me. Only once I've gone to the client's home but that was somebody I knew. I don't like going to strangers homes as a rule.
        I've just had my first FTP upload to my site which is quite good too. I have a program installed to handle the uploads and was pretty happy to finally test it out with a real customer.
        When I return the photos they are in acid free folders with my company logo printed on them. The photos are secured with photo corners so that they don't fall out. I avoid transferring photos back via FTP or email as I want to have control of how they are printed.


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          Hi Guys

          Well I've done all but the ftp option. All work ok but I have my preferences.

          1. Client brings piece to my house/office. My studio is on the third floor of my house so the client rarely goes into the studio. This is my preferred method. No travel time for me, no cost and travel time for shipping items. The only bad thing....trying to keep the areas of the house clients in clean! I like to give the appearance that I'm a neat freak so they will know their pieces will be cared for while they are with me. Also if the client can make an apointment and commit the time to showing up they are more likely to show up to pick it up and pay for it!

          2. Picking up items or working on things on-location. Obviously I don't do digital work on-location but I do conservation work this way for oversize pieces (wall mounted), picking up large or numerous items, or for my "good" clients. It depends on the job, the distance, and the hassel if I put in an extra charge. I certainly don't do this for everyone!

          3. Mailing items to and from. I only work this way for out-of-state or long distance clients. There is always a risk having a third party deliver items. I've got a long outline of how to pack and ship items on my web page with disclaimers
          I don't like the time involved unpacking, repacking (correctly) and going out to ship the pieces so it is the method I least like.

          Just my thoughts and opinions for the day.




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            Orders that come from my website are usually from folks who live far away so we do it by mail. But only after a phone call--I wouldn't mail my precious pics to anyone I hadn't spoken to personally and I make it a point to talk to clients to explain in detail how I'll handle their job and put their minds at ease about my professionalism and trustworthiness.

            Local folks from newspaper ads and flyers just bring them to me, I scan them, and return them immediately. They also come to pick them up.



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              i dont think there is more one way then other for us. we use the mail system. clients drop off and pick up. our ftp server handles a lot as well.

              the only thing we dont really do is email. files are just too big for that.


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                My prefrence is to get images by FTP. I do the work, charge their credit card, and put the completed file on my FTP server for the client to download all in less than 20 minutes.

                Fast money.


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                  Customers generally leave them at our shop to be scanned or photographed. We return the original as quickly as we can but frequently it's returned with the restored version... typical turn-around is one to two weeks.

                  It would be unusual for us to accept a customer digitized original.



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                    all of the above.


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                      I try to be 100% digital when possible. I'm lazy and don't like to figure in scanning costs into my estimates ::grinz::

                      I normally receive files via email and deliver them via posting to my ftp (I would have people upload to my ftp but they always seem to get confused)

                      There is also a wonderful online "hard drive" called xdrive that I use with one photographer. There is a folder for lab scans on one for finished retouches. Great system.

                      I also prefer to contact people using email instead of phone. I like to have records. I also do not like to be called 50 times in a 24 hr period to see how the work is progressing.

                      Am I a hermit???...LOL!


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                        Retail Space?

                        Doug you left out "retail" or store space. While the percentage here may be small, I would think that retail space would be a goal for anyone who wanted to build a substantial business following.

                        Jim Conway


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                          Thomasgeorge and Sanda:
                          Where do you get your acid free folders and do you have the Logo printed on them or do you use a stamp. Also does anyone have price lists they would like to share, Let us know what part of the country your business is and how you charge..hour or by the job? Thanks Neb


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                            This is a hard poll to get accurate feedback, a lot of folks have a home/office. The majority of my work is delivered there, but some comes in by USPS. I have several frame shops etc. that I have to pick up work from. I do nothing via the Internet, haven't needed to so far. I hold on to the original until I'm paid. If I don't know the customer I charge 50% deposit up front. I use the archival folder, but hadn't thought to logo it. Duh! ...skip


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                              My site was designed with a backend that automates most areas: : an admin, artist and client areas. The only thing that it does not handled is quality control. The artist files do not go to the client but are directed to the admin who, after review, can release them to the client area for proofing.
                              Of course mailing is also not automated.


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