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    Have you ever thought you did a good job, got an approval from the customer, then noticed you did something very wrong? Let's hear it if you did. This is really hard for me to admit. My daughter brought an old photo for me to work on. It belonged to a friend of hers. I did a restoration on it, then I took the restored image over to this guy's house. He had no idea what could be done, and he was totally amazed. He asked me what he owed me, and I said "nothing". I don't have a business, and I was just having a good time working on it. He handed me $40.00, and said it was well worth it to him. He kept praising my work. As we talked, I noticed that in the original (an old photo of his dad), the subject had blue eyes. My restoration showed brown eyes! How could that possibly happen? That's the most important part of the picture! I'm glad I caught it because he didn't. Tomorrow, he'll have a couple more 8 X 10s, this time with the right eye color. I'm still at a loss as to how that could possibly slip by me. That won't happen again. Am I the only one who's done something like that?


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    Not perfect?

    Yes, Ed. You are the only one. The rest of us are perfect.

    Seriously... I did something even worse once. Once I took a brochure I'd designed for a customer to the printer, and only after he'd printed up 1000 copies did I notice that the business location marker on the map on the back page was missing! To this day I don't know how that image got deleted before I made the final file. I had to make up little stickers with that tiny location marker and stick them on the maps on the back of 1000 brochures!



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      Phyllis, I bet you'll remember where that business is!

      Ed, my worst mistake was on a manipulation where I took a bride and groom from outside on the lawn and put them in front of a studio backdrop. Not until I was handing the finished picture to the customer did I notice that the groom was standing with his legs far enough apart that you could see the grass there on the original snapshot - when I moved him inside, the grass was still there. How embarrassing.



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        Well at least it's nice to know I'm in good company. Thanks. Now maybe I can sleep!



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          I had to take a photo of the winning under 16's cricket team at the end of last season. This was the official photo which was to be put in the club trophy cabinet. When I took the photo I didn't notice the "joke" the boys had played on me. One boy who was quite short had stood in the back row with his arms around the shoulders of two taller boys bringing him up to their height. I took the photo and didn't notice what they had done until I got home and downloaded the images. There was no chance of retaking the photo so it had to stay as it was. But my devilish mind thought it would be fun to manipulate the photo for the purpose of playing a joke back on the player. I made him way shorter than every other player in the team, it was quite a hoot. He was duly shocked when I explained that MY camera never lies and that's the way the photo turned out.
          Well that all went well and the parents ordered copies of the original, I had 12 orders to fill. I was happily printing out the photos and putting them into their presentation folders when I noticed I had printed the manipulated photo and not the original. I was able to stop the printer but not before I had printed out 9 copies. It was lucky I caught my mistake before it was too late.


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