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Portfolio magazine bites the dust

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  • Portfolio magazine bites the dust

    My favorite new magazine from the last few years for graphics and biz writing. Boy, did they pick a bad time for a startup. Too bad. Click on the second link for a very cool image that was on the cover a few months ago, done by a fellow by the name of Ji Lee. That's the kind of imagery you would find in there. Too bad.

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    Re: Portfolio magazine bites the dust

    Pretty soon there's gonna be nothing left for us to retouch.


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      Re: Portfolio magazine bites the dust

      Cool photo, but is it me or are the contact shadows lacking? The edges especially along
      the top of the bull seem a bit funky too.

      Shame about the magazine.


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        Re: Portfolio magazine bites the dust

        To illustrate a November 2008 article arguing that credit derivatives were “the elephant in the room” at JPMorgan Chase, the magazine spent what one staff member, who was not authorized to speak publicly, said was $30,000 to procure the services of a real elephant to menace a model at a photo shoot.

        Sounds like seriously dodgy decision making there. Amazing I always think that people haven't realised yet that its not about throwing money at creating quality - finding good creative PEOPLE, and paying them, provided they don't sit on their asses is what it should be about.


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          Re: Portfolio magazine bites the dust

          And also Mixte in Paris...
          Rumors about other mags too...

          Photo agencies closing too... Katy Barker, ESP, etc...

          Tough year for the industry for sure...


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            Re: Portfolio magazine bites the dust

            i always thought Portfolio was overdone for a business magazine...


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              Re: Portfolio magazine bites the dust

              Dude, don't put down overdone. That means graphics. Otherwise, you have the Economist, which I love and is doing well, but is basically text.


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