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    Hi all!!!

    About a yr ago I did some work fixing some old and relatively new fotos. Now the people would like those and more put into a slide show for an anniversary. Multimedia is not my thing. So a few ?'s. I am using ACDC to make the slide show. They will be projected using an LCD projector and screen from a laptop. Do I go with jpeg or tiff for best results? At what resoulution? Image size suggstions? Length of time between shots?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Also I will be burning the images to a cd if that is a factor.


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      I did a slide show a while back for a group and found that using JPEG optimized for Web display and keeping the images under 100k worked very well. The autorun routine I used allowed the user to set the length of time of display (as well as forward/reverse and pause the show) which I think they set for around 10-15 sec or so...I dont have any experience with LED projectors so you might want to set the JPEG for highest quality...I also included in a folder seperate from the slideshow but on the same CD, versions optimized for printing as well...seemed to make everyone happy ....Tom


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        I don't know how many images you need to copy to CD but you might want to adjust your image sizes to comfortably fit the CD capacity. That's about all the help I'm able to offer.


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          Pictures to exe

          I am not sure who makes it, but you could probably do a websearch and find out more about the program called Pictures to Exe. It lets you create a slide show that is actually an exe file and can run in any computer. You can even set it to run automatically. Also you can set a time limit so it will expire on a certain date. You can also add music to the show. Many photographers I know use it for proofing, wedding albums, senior albums etc. It only cost around $30.00. The only downfall is I beleive it only works on PC.
          Anyway it is very user friendly and a good program to look into.


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            Presentation Creation

            Pic to exe is a great one but I've found too many people afraid to open an exe file because of the popups on virus warning that flags it as a possible problem.

            Another one for presentations that I use a lot is Web Album Generator - this one uses your browser so no problems for anyone opening files.

            Biggest advantage, it's yours at no cost (donations welcome)! You can download a copy at

            Jim Conway
            Timemark Photo Conservators


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              The "Picture to exe" thing might be fine, but it won't run on a Mac. Mac's don't use .exe's.



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                I forgot to mention - regarding your CD's etc. there are a number of small utilities that do the job you need. A number of them can be found along with other presentations software (mostly at no cost) for both for windows and the Mac on Lockergnome.

                It's a terrific resource and you can tune into them on TV or better yet subscribe at:

                Jim C


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