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  • Framing

    I bought an antique map for my mom and was wondering what is the best way to frame and preserve it? I figured this forum might have some good ideas. Thanks in advance.

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    Having it matted with acid free matting material, kept under glass in a frame out of direct sunlight and in an area not exposed to extremes of temperature \humidity, avoid displaying in areas where people smoke, and hanging it on an inside wall are pretty good guide lines. Hope that helps, Tom


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      Thanks Tom. Any type of glass better than the other. For example non-glare vs regular?


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        Hey Tom,

        Is there a such thing as framing a photo under UV protected glass? I was thinking something like that might help protect your photos even more from light fading but I have no idea if they make it. I know they put it into eye glasses, so I was curious about picture frame glass.


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          I believe there is a UV coated glass avaliable but as I remember the cost is rather steep. As long as the map isnt exposed to direct sunlight you should be ok with regular glass although when it comes to protecting a valuable document the best you can afford is a prudent investment,and the UV blocking coating,etc. IS extra protection. You might try a Framing shop and see if they either stock the coated glass/shatter resistant glass or know how to go about either obtaining it or even having your piece of glass coated. It is common for telescope owners to periodically send lens and mirrors assemblies or just the components out to be recoated so perhaps if you know any amature astronomers or can contact a local club they might be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck and let us know what you find out! Tom
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