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  • Kodak, 911, Restorations

    Just saw on the local (Buffalo, NY) 10:00 news, Kodak is restoring thousands of photos recovered from the WTC.

    Who was it here, that had a very similar idea for RetouchPro?

    I did a search on Google, but couldn't find anything. Perhaps it's not national news?

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    I started a thread about possibly doing restorations for the families of the victims, if that's the one you're talking about. But it never took off. It's interesting to hear that someone's doing something along those lines though. Thanks for the info.



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      Hi Vikki,

      I picked up a pictoral record of the WTC disaster today and cried over some of the images - I'm not very sentimental, but for some reason that horrific event gets to me every time I think about it.

      I found this reference to Kodak among vendors who contributed to the recovery and restoration efforts.

      From that page, there is a link to a main World Trade Center disaster recovery page and there are several links regarding document recovery and restoration.

      I couldn't find any reference to that news item but I thought these links may be of interest to someone.



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        I have often wanted to offer a deep discount or free rate for relatives of 911 victims who wanted pictures restored of their loved ones. I wasn't sure how to advertise this or what my process would be of confirming so people didn't take advantage - I think it would be a great project for a group like this to take on.