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    After finishing up some photos dating from the 1920-1937 range, I got to wondering, what percentage of the work you do is in color and how much is B/W. Which of these types do you enjoy more? Is there any difference in what you charge for a B/W vs a Color one? Tom

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    80% black and white. It's a ball park guess. I actually prefere working with black and whites simply because color can become a nightmare even though it looks relatively simple. I do my worst estimates on color corrections. What I usually think is easy turns out to be any thing but. Don't know that I actually charge more for one or the other. Just wish it were easier to tell the actual work involved in the color problems.


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      I get mostly black and white...which is one reason I went into old photo restoration to begin with (my color-correction skills are very poor, and color matching is a nightmare for even the most experienced).
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        So far, my business is about 50/50. I prefer B&W by far! Color correction is tough on faded. Add in a completely faded or damaged channel and it's a recipe for disaster. I've had a few "color' photos that were so bad, they actually looked closer to B&W and I had to restore as B&W then colorize. The client was happy, but I have found them incredibly tedious to work on - esp. when the photo has a lot of detail.



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