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  • Advertising

    I have come up against the old evil of advertising. I just don't seem to be getting as much work as I could do with.

    I'm still in the early part of creating by own business and am not expecting to gain a life times worth of customers over night!

    Does any one have any hints as to the best way to self promotion,
    fliers, news paper advertising etc. What has worked for you in the past that might be useful to myself and others in my position.

    Thanks for all help,

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    Hi Clare,

    I don't know how easy you find the site to navigate, being here a short while, but here's a suggestion. You've probably already figured out that the work/jobs forum is the place to be. As you're reading this post, you will see at the top of this page, RetouchPRO Forums > Business > Work/Jobs > Advertising. Click on work/jobs, then on the next page, you will see a list of threads. The title of the thread should indicate the content pretty well, although at times, the posts vary a little off topic. There are two threads "Keeping Expenses Down", and "Free Advertising" that you might be interersted in. There might also be others, so check them out. At the bottom of the page, in the right hand corner, you'll see "Pages (7): [1] 2 3 >>Last". This means there are 7 pages of threads on this forum, and you are viewing the first page. Clicking on a number will take you to that page. You will find a lot of good, solid information throughout these pages. Hope this helps somewhat. Best of luck in your endeavor.

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