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How much can I charge?

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  • How much can I charge?

    Hello everyone,

    I have been asked to do some contract work at a studio from home, retouching high school kids and I don't know how much to charge.
    It will be around 80 to 100 orders a month.

    If anyone has any idea how much it is the rate for Chicago please let me know.

    Thank you


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    Re: How much can I charge?

    See if you can get some info from the photo studio on what they paid before, if they were happy with the retouching, how long you'll have to turn the work around, etc.
    If they will provide samples of what they like and a couple of raw shots, you should be able to estimate how long each image will take. Then, if you have an idea of what you'd like to charge per hour, do the math for a per image fee.


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      Re: How much can I charge?

      Thank you Steve


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        Re: How much can I charge?

        Not enough info in your question to even try to answer...

        How established are you professionally? Is it a strategy to work long hours for low pay to gain experience, or are you a talented professional just looking to branch out?

        How much do you need to make per hour? How long is each image going to take you?

        Chicago is a "real" market. I was making $25/an hour there in '99, just out of school, doing resizing, light retouching, and color correcting for web repurposing. I'd spend a day in the office gathering catalog images and take home enough work for the rest of the week, then ran actions for about 3/4 of the work... one of the sweetest jobs I ever had. Get up, click "play" on the action, head out to the cafe with a good book while my sweet beige G3 cranked out a days work.


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          Re: How much can I charge?

          Hello Abenormal,

          I have been doing image editing and retouching professionally for 8 years, 5,5 years in Greece working for a newspaper (and their magazines) and 2,5 years in Chicago working at a studio 1,5 years retouching senior high school portraits and 1 year now I am doing freelancing designing wedding albums and taking pictures.
          It is going to be the first time that I will do retouching for senior high school portraits as a freelancer.
          It has been hard to find a full time job this time and the only jobs I find is freelancing for few months projects.
          I need this job so I don't want to over charge but I don't want to charge undercharge either, something far for both sides (if I make any sense what I am saying)
          Because of working at a newspaper I learned to work fast and good. If I charge $20/hr
          is it ok?



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