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    What photo restoration/retouching business websites have you come across that you really like? And why?

    Here's the idea:
    Post the URLs of restoration/retouching business websites you like, and why you like them. We all go there and learn.

    I'm not talking about the quality of their restoration/retouching. This is the Business forum, so I'm talking about the way they approach the customer. And don't bother with the sites for our own members. We already know how great we are

    If you agree, and like their site, don't forget to email them and tell them (imagine how you'd feel if you got such an email).

    Here's a few to start:
    His website design isn't that great, kind of clunky in fact, but I do like the way he "talks" to the customer, and he has many resources available for folks to learn about the topic in general.
    A pretty generic site, but I love the way they superimpose before/after shots for their buttons and example links.
    Quite charming, and I like the way they offer varied services besides straight restores. They also seem to value customer satisfaction, and that's the most important thing a site needs to project.

    So, hit the search engines and start exploring. And don't forget to tell them if you really do like their site.
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    Another Site


    I found this restoration site rather interesting.

    I really like the personal feel of it and the little tidbits about the photos restored.

    Also, enjoyed the link to her personal website that has a gallery and travel journal, but that's something else entirely...Hummmmm, 'cept that maybe you feel that you get to know a bit about the person and might be more inclined to trust them with your heirloom photos???? Food for thought.



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      Ok, the restoration quality is average, the text copy is a bit overblown, and the overall site design is a tad pretentious, but you gotta love the last contact option:

      Carrier pigeon to:
      2113 West Lacey Road, Forked River, NJ
      right rear pigeon coop - ask for Mabel

      Plus she has a cool URL:
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        The following site has a lot of good info about general history of photography type things and some excellent tips on identifying the approximate time period an old photo may have been taken in by analysis of clothing styles, etc. Some of it may be a little dry but over all its a good resource. Tom


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          Here's a site I enjoyed. They have good samples, an excellent FAQ, and one of the best price guides I've seen.

          But what I really liked was their Upload/Download feature. They let users send in their own scans then download and print them. I'm still pondering on how good an idea this is, but from a business standpoint I think it's very clever.

          American Photo Restoration
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            It is an interesting concept (uploading & downloading). After reading their FAQ, I see that one can submit a photo various ways - mail in, walk in, and upload. I think they've made it very convenient for everyone.

            What's even more interesting is the pricing.
            and one of the best price guides I've seen.
            The prices are all the same, for anything! No matter how bad it is. Very convenient.

            They also promise a 10 day delivery and free shipping!

            I would love to have seen more examples of their work. It's hard to believe they've been in business since 1977, and only posted 5 examples.

            If they provide everything they promise, maybe I should start sending my harder stuff to them - can't beat the price.

            I must be jaded. This place sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch?


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              Precious Photos has a typical restoration biz site, with one major exception: they have a dealer page designed to help retailers offer their services. An excellent idea!
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                I think the downside is every one gets blue eyeshadow

                BTW, there's a more button at the bottom of the page for more than five samples.


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                  I like the Photos Made Perfect site due to their imaginative ideas for photos. "Petfolio" especially

                  They also project a genuine interest in informing the customer and generally seem to care about the overall experience the customer might have.
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                    7Palm blends poetry, storytelling, and old-fashioned branding to create a unique identity for themselves.
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                      I'm probably the queen of "examples" on restoration websites, so I have to comment on your most recent post. I could only find one restoration example. Did I somehow miss a link?
                      When you post a website that you admire, is it because of a specific feature, vs the website as a whole, or, both?



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                        I thought I stated the reason I admired it pretty specifically. I don't think I've ever visited a "perfect" site. I doubt one is possible. So, I listen to my initial reaction while I explore one. If it's "wow" or "cool" or even "hmmm..." I pass it along.
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                          This site works well for me.


                          I like the way moving the mouse over the thumbnail causes it to flash to the restored image. The site is really well organized, alot of good information, and their samples are first rate. It is interesting they don't have any printing services mentioned. They want to just hand you a CD. There pricing is very aggressive. I wonder if it is working for them? Gerry
                          Last edited by Gerry Monaghan; 05-13-2002, 08:42 AM.


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                            So ask, and report back
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                              Palm7 is a nice site. I think they are a bit obtuse in the use of the Browning quote. It is interesting, here they are only offering giclee prints as their primary product. I imagine they invested in the system. From my perspective, most of my perspective clients would find that prohibitive. I am focusing on a number of print product options.
                              Of all the sites you kind folks have put out here, so far, I am finding the site to be the one which I want to go visit the most. Good values, competative restoration prices. They are offering fiber based prints from negs. which aren't priced in the stratosphere. This is a key niche that I have been having some problems lining up a good supplier on. Thanks for the link.


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