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  • Retouching resume help

    What is a retouching resume suppose to look like and what do you include. I am new to this whole thing so bear with me. I recently done some jobs for some independent record labels. I was asked to do some graphic treatments for a karl denson's Album cover. the Manager and producer love my work and I was paid, but the record company turned it down because it was to close release date. So can Include this on my resume. I mean I was paid but the image never made it on commercial shelves. All my work has been freelance and random usually working with one two people, plus I don't talk industry speak. is there any one out there who can show me what a proper freelance retouching/Digital illustration/graphic Design resume should look like. I have never been a resume guy. I done alot of stuff but I don't know what's essential to place on it or the proper format. Again I know this might be basic
    but resumes are not my friend. Photoshop is my friend.

    newbie reaching out

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