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How to find a job in London/UK?

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  • How to find a job in London/UK?


    My name is Nadine, I'm 23 years old and I'm looking for a job as a photo retoucher or artworker in London.
    I'm currently living in Germany & London and I've been looking for a job for over a year now, using all the main jobsites such as gumtree, creativepool, jobrapido, guardianjobs etc. but almost nobody gets back to me.
    I've also tried to get in touch with recruiters in London but I don't get any replies either.
    I'm sure that my skills are good (I've worked for huge clients such as JOOP!, Tiger of Sweden, Jil Sander etc.) and to start in London I'm even mostly applying for Junior positions. My CV & portfolio are both good as well and I have no idea why nobody is getting back to me.

    Does anyone here have some advice for me and what I can do? I've put so much effort into finding a job, designing & updating my CV & portfolio and I really want to find something as it would be my dream to work in London. I really love the job and would love to develop my skills as well.

    I'd be very thankful for some replies.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: How to find a job in London/UK?

    Mmmmhhhh.... I'm not the best guy to reply this but probably there are too much retouchers in those places you say. I think the best way is going in person, that's the best CV, I think.


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      Re: How to find a job in London/UK?

      Work is very tight in London at the moment! Even the large sweat shops are finding it tough.



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        Re: How to find a job in London/UK?

        Don't blame yourself too much. This isn't the most healthy climate at the moment, so the jobs aren't exactly flying around. Patience.


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          Re: How to find a job in London/UK?

          Have a look on the Association of Photographer's website in the 'job shop' section, it often has quite a few retouching jobs advertised, there are ads in at the moment from Metro, Happy Finish and what looks like Henhouse (the one based in Kentish Town)
          It's the only place I've ever found that regularly posts retouching jobs,
          Good luck!


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            Re: How to find a job in London/UK?

            First of all, become a Muslim. Then you should have no problem.


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