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  • Retouching Jobs In Berlin, Germany

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Luna. I'm a retoucher/photographer from Toronto that has recently moved to Berlin.

    For the past 5 years I worked for one of Toronto's top advertising photography studios
    (, as the senior retoucher.

    Now that I'm in Berlin, I'm kind of starting from scratch here in terms of network and leads, so any insight would be very much appreciated. I'm looking for retouching work, ideally at a post-production house or for a photographer, but I'm open to exploring all related leads.

    You can see some samples of my commercial and personal work at

    Thanks in advance,

    (whoisluna AT gmail DOT com)

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    Re: Retouching Jobs In Berlin, Germany

    nice work, I too left Toronto 13 years back, I worked at many of the top places like Herzig Sommerville, Graphic Specialities,Color Innovations, Bergman Graphics, Transcontinental but ran out of good places to work so I came to NY, Germany is also good you will find some jobs in retouching it is just that Germany like New York has a way higher standard of retouching and photography compared to Canada and the people trained in Germany are thoroughly trained and well schooled in their trade unlike Canada but if you look you will surely find a job. I was trained at Heidelberg in Germany and from London College of Printing, I just did not fit in the Canadian work force they hired all their friends and relatived who had no idea about photoshop or digital photography so most of the firms I work for in Canada have closed down you are in the right direction moving to germany.