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  • first job in retouching

    hi im currently at part time college studying graphic design its a first basic course. I have been playing with photoshop for over 3 years but i want to now go in to the industry and learn and be professional as i need to work full time,does any 1 know how i go about this? and do i need to print out a portfolio and what kinda work should i show on the portfolio.If i put my work online like a free Blog would that be ok ? im currentley living in london please let me know your advice

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    Re: first job in retouching

    Hello from a new RetouchPro member.

    I currently work with about 6 or 7 junior retouchers who arrived fresh out of school. I also know of a few photographers who have hired retouchers directly from school. Obviously you will not have a seasoned portfolio of professional work; however, a portfolio will most definitely be required to demonstrate talent and overall potential. I would just start knocking on doors and establishing contacts. Someone will take a chance on you. Best of luck.


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      Re: first job in retouching

      Hey thank u


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        Re: first job in retouching

        hi i m deepa sharma representing illusions stir up we r searching for photo retouching projects
        thank u


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          Re: first job in retouching

          You're in a fantastic location, certainly one of the top 5, that's going to work immensely in your favour.

          First build a great portfolio by working TFP for great photographers, you'll find a lot of them willing to let you use their unused shots for your port. Read a lot, learn from those willing to share their knowledge, Google is your friend.

          Set up a web based portfolio, is a really good start.

          Contact local photography studios directly and offer your services on the strength of your work. It'll take a long time before you're paying the bills entirely with your retouching work, but it's worth the effort.

          Hope this helps, I wish you all the success in the world,

          Daniel Meadows Retouch and Digital Art


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            Re: first job in retouching

            You have 3 ways: working; learning much more; or working and learning enough to do your job. I would go for "learning much more" There is a quote which says "train hard, win easy", I'm a fan of that.


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              Re: first job in retouching

              thanks guys thats great i now have my work on pdf so i can send that around


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