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    as far as I'm concerned, word of mouth is the best way to get business started. over the past couple months, I've done various computer projects for people I know, for example: splicing/mixing/editing audio, creating posters for events etc. from there, various others have heard from those people about my computer skills and are coming to me with all kinds of things they need doing (upgrading their computers, lots of image editing etc.)
    I'm amazed, just from doing a couple projects and word of mouth from the people i did those for, I already have a bit of a business developing.

    - David

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    Not only that but it's the cheapest form of advertising and on top of that people respond to personal recommendations. Finally, I think it gives you a good feeling about what you're doing and a boost to your business confidence. Totally agree with you David.


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      Hey David, congratulations! No doubt about it, word of mouth is excellent for any business, new or established. Just remember that one dissatisfied customer will tell a lot more people than a satisfied one will. So keep 'em all happy, and you should have no problem developing a long list of customers. I really hate to tell you this...BUT... you can't make *everyone* happy.



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        Originally posted by Ed_L
        I really hate to tell you this...BUT... you can't make *everyone* happy.
        thats very true, Ed. from my expreriences working at McDonald's I've realized that for some people you can try your hardest and do everything you can for them and they still won't be happy.

        - David


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          I read a cool quote the other day. Instead of "word of mouth", they had used "word of mouse" I thought it would make a good page title for a links page.


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