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A banner add from ADI,inc.

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  • A banner add from ADI,inc.

    I am going to try and post a banner that we put up at various photographic websites including and
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    Hi Aric,

    That is a real eye catcher. The fact that there's movement makes you notice the ad. Very nice. I'm glad someone finally brought this thread back to life.



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      I think it's great!! Go for it. You seem to have a good business instinct. I envy that.


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        Thank you for the complement. But it is not an instinct. I do things the way I do them from falling on my face and getting back up for years. When I started my business I was a technician turned business owner almost overnight. I soon learned that a technican will have a very hard time running a business.

        You have to wear all the hats when running a business. The hat of the manager, the technician, the accountant, the accounts recivable collections, etc.

        No food in the fridge and being hungry were also two other factors that got me motivated.


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          OK, this isn't really an AD....well, actually, it is - she used it in a local paper, too. This was my first attempt at working for someone else with graphics - my hair stylist's business card.


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            I forgot to post it...
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