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  • Ideas Needed!

    Ideas Needed:
    I've volunteered to donate a photo restoration for a church Chinese Auction, and I'm looking for some unique ideas about how to present this "gift".

    The majority of these donations are presented as cellophane wrapped gift baskets, filled with small items, based on a theme.
    I'd like to offer something similar, with restorations as the theme.

    The issues:
    I don't want it to become a "photography" or "scrapbook" theme.
    What could be include in the basket as gifts?
    Which is another thing. It doesn't have to be a "basket", per say.
    How could a "before and after" display be incorporated into this?

    Please feel free to post any ideas, no matter how far fetched!

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    Hi Vikki
    I'm not very creative, but I have a thought. What about putting some small items old version and new version in a basket. Half the basket could be plain and the other half decorated or restored. The center could contain a small booklet or pamphlet, with your logo and some old and new versions of your work.
    Hope it helps a bit.


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      What's a Chinese auction?
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Sorry, I guess I should explain what a Chinese Auctions is!!
        It's a fundraising venture.
        Local businesses donate items or prizes, and they are set out on a table. These are usually gift baskets that have some kind of theme. The basket is filled with gifts that reflect that theme.
        Each item has a cup next to it. Patrons buy tickets, and may drop a ticket into the cup of any item(s) they would like. A drawing, from the cup, is held for each item. If they pick your ticket, you win that item.

        Thanks for your suggestions! About the small items, what kind of items were you thinking of?


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          Anything you might be able to get a hold of; one damaged or old, and one shiny and new just to set the tone of the basket. Small toy cars, brushes, cups, anything small and inexpensive. I know the idea sounds a bit off, but perhaps it's a starting point.


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            Seems that I remember scrolls being an item from that part of the world, so how about a scroll, that when you unroll it you see a really beatup image that slowly transforms into a really nice, redone image?
            The problems would be finding a long (panoramic?) type image and of course the work of doing the retouching to make it good. Or would it be easier to take a good print and beat up one end of it, a sort of "reverse" retouching?


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              I like the ideas about the old vs new, but I don't think I can incorporate it into this, as the things in the "basket" have to be gift items.
              I have to include things that people want (and will therefore, bid on).
              I've thought about nice antique frames and photo albums, but that's all I've been able to come up with.


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                Hi Vikki,

                Going on from your idea of antique frames. How about placing one antique on modern frame into the basket. The antique frame holding an old and the modern containing the new - You could then have a your print goes here concept - where the final restoration is framed with in that frame either the antique or the modern depending on the persons preference. This gets over the idea that the person is ment to win what ever is inside - because they literally do.

                The tisue paper at the bottom of the basket could be photocopies that have been ruffly torn / shreaded - filler
                images printed on to crape paper or tissue paper.
                This might help carry the theme.

                Sorry this is probably a bit garbled hope you get the idea


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                  I think the problem with coming up with a basket idea is that you're offering a service, not a physical product. Have you seen how other service offerings were handled in previous events?

                  You might want to simplify things a bit, and just put a screencap of your website index page, with some additional wording, all on an easel. Most office stores carry them.
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                    Thanks everyone. It really helps to get some other feedback!
                    I think Doug has hit the nail on the head.
                    I'm going to speak with someone from the charity, to find out if I can do something different. I know that several restaurants make donations, so I'll see how they present them.
                    I like the idea of an easel!
                    But instead of a screen capture of my website, I think I'll show a couple of actual "before and after" photos.
                    I'd like to just stick the "before" up, and have a framed "after" next to it (for visual impact).
                    I'd also like to have brochures available for people to take away.
                    (Now I have to find the time to design a brochure!!!).
                    Thanks again, this has really helped.
                    Perhaps, if everything goes as planned, I'll take some pictures of the whole thing, and post them for future reference.


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                      Just make sure they know you're offering the service for their photos, not the photos you're illustrating themselves.

                      My brother was nice enough to post a simple flyer I made on his company billboard (where they post the Amway ads, etc.). It was of a soldier, the same one on my index page. More than one person went up to my brother and said "I never knew your brother was in the military!"
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                      Take responsibility for learning


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                        I know a lot of people that bring me work are really into genealogy and that's the main reason they want their photos restored. You could try to market to those kinds of people by making a geanelogy themed gift basket. Here are some ideas:

                        - Pretty blank family tree sheets on a nice weighty paper. You could design and print these yourself if you wanted to. If you don't want to go that far, I'm sure somebody makes them.

                        - Offer to do a photo family tree. Not sure if you want to spent that much time, but it would be really unique and something genealogy people would probably really love and and want to bid on. Just scan, or better yet, take a digital photo of the family members' pictures they want to put in the tree and insert a small headshot into the tree. This is assuming that each individual picture wouldn't require a lot of retouching.

                        - Include some pretty antique picture frames. I like the idea of using a photo that's half restored so they can see what they are getting. You could frame these or maybe get some generational pictures (daughter, mom, grandmother) to frame to give people ideas.

                        - a nice blank journal for cataloging the stories of the older generation.

                        - nice family photo album

                        You could put a card in the basket explaining what genealogy is and why it's worthwhile to trace your background. And then explain how each of the gifts could be used for that theme and finish off with the offer of one photo restoration. I think something along those lines would make for a very cohesive and interesting package. Even someone that's not interested in genealogy might get bitten by the bug right on the spot.

                        Oh! And include a coupon for future restorations, and/or maybe a referal coupon. And if you are allowed, put a stack of coupons or business cards next to the basket. I'm sure some people will see your work and think of something they want restored. And if they dont' win they probably will still be interested in getting some work done.

                        Hope this helps.


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                          Thanks, everyone, for your help and ideas.

                          The auction was this past Sunday. There were over 300 gift baskets!!
                          I can't say how mine went over, as there was no way to gauge it, but I looked in the ticket holder, and there were plenty of bids (good!).
                          Here's what I learned from that experience:
                          You only need to supply the gift, and it should be contained in a themed basket full of other little gifts. No sense in putting out brochures or business cards - it's not appropriate for this type of event.
                          Because this event had so many entries, mine was pretty much buried with the others - a small event is a better choice if you want to get noticed.


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